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  In Spring AOP example explanation
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  In Spring AOP example explanation

Need enhanced services

If there is less service, his function is very simple, enter the print parameters and return parameters.
public class SimpleService {
    public String getName (String name) {
        System.out.println (get name is: + name);
        return name;

Definitions section and cut-off point
public class L
ogAspect {
    // Define the cut-off point
    @Pointcut (Within (com.ydoing.service .. *))
    // @Pointcut (Execution (* com.ydoing.service. *. * (..)))
    public void pointCut () {

Before enhancement
    // Define Before enhancement
    // Perform enhancement processing before the target method invocation
    @Before (PointCut ())
    public void before (JoinPoint jp) {
        // Get the connection point of the incoming parameters
        // Object args = jp.getArgs ();
        System.out.println (Before enhancement processing --execute before target method call);

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Test output:
Before enhancement --execute before target method call
get name is: Bob

Enhanced AfterReturning
    // Perform an enhanced process after the target method invocation
    @AfterReturning (Pointcut = pointCut (), returning = ret)
    public void afterReturning (JoinPoint jp, Object ret) {
        System.out.println (AfterReturnin enhancement processing --execute after target method call, return value is: + ret);

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Test output:
get name is: Bob
AfterReturnin enhancement --execute after target method call, return value is: Bob

Around Enhanced
    @Around (PointCut ())
    public void around (ProceedingJoinPoint jp) {
        System.out.println (Around enhanced --around start ...);
        Object [] args = jp.getArgs ();

        // Modify the target method arguments passed
        args [0] = around_add_ + args [0];
        try {
            System.out.println (revised parameters passed to perform output :);
            jp.proceed (args);
        } Catch (Throwable e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block
            e.printStackTrace ();

        System.out.println (Around enhanced --around end);

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Around enhanced --around start ...
After modifying the parameters passed to perform output:
get name is: around_add_Bob
Around enhanced --around end

After enhancement
    // Exception handling will occur regardless of whether
    @After (PointCut ())
    public void after () {
        System.out.println (After enhancement --always do no matter what happen);

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

get name is: Bob
After reinforcing --always do no matter what happen

Enhanced AfterThrowing
    @AfterThrowing (Pointcut = pointCut (), throwing = ex)
    public void afterThrowing (JoinPoint jp, Throwable ex) {
        System.out.println (error is: + ex);

Here not throw an exception, there is no output of the

Test code as follows
@ComponentScan (BasePackages = com.ydoing.service, com.ydoing.aspect)
public class AppConfig {
    public static void main (String [] args) {
        @SuppressWarnings (Resource)
        ApplicationContext ctx = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext (AppConfig.class);
        SimpleService service = ctx.getBean (SimpleService.class);
        service.getName (Bob);
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