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  Java Graphics2D Paint
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In Java, when you need to draw some particular shape, such as oval, rectangular, etc., may be used to Graphics2D drawing.

Some API:

g.drawLine (3,3,50,50); // draw a line
g.drawRect (80,100,40,25); // draw wireframe
g.drawOval (10,10,60,120); // Draw Ellipse

// Draw polygon
int px1 [] = {50,90,10,50}; // the first and last point relative weight in order to draw a polygon
int py1 [] = {10,50,50,10};
g.setColor (Color.blue);
g.fillPolygon (px1, py1,4);

More details about the drawing, you can refer to some online presentation, or the official API.

Graphics2D object is to have a function translate (x, y), the function of the function is as follows:

To move the origin of the ellipse (x, y).

The function and rotate functions in combination, can achieve a graphical rotate about a point.

g2.rotate (Math.PI * rotate / 180.0); // Note that the function is elliptical rotation around the origin

For example, a horizontal oval around the center point of the ellipse rotation angle, we need to first oval origin moved to a location, and then rotate around the new origin

Coordinates of the new origin can be calculated based on the coordinates and the rotation angle of the horizontal state origin. Note: to move the origin, then rotate the order can not be chaotic.

Sample code:

Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g.create ();
g2.setColor (Color.red);
g2.translate (translateX, translateY);
g2.rotate (Math.PI * rotate / 180.0);
g2.drawOval (0, 0, ovalWidth - 1, ovalHeight - 1);
g2.translate (-translateX, -translateY);
g2.dispose ();
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