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  Java objects are taking up much space
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  No sizeof operator in Java, so there is no way of knowing an object in the end take up much space, but in the assignment when there will be some basic rules, we can roughly judge them according to these rules size of the object.

Object header

Head object at least two WORD, if it is an array, then three WORD, which reads as follows:

HashCode, lock information object
A pointer to the object type data
Length of the array (if it is an array of words)

First, any object that is 8-byte aligned, according to property [long, double], [int, float], [char, short], [byte, boolean], the order of reference is stored, for example:

publicclassTest {byte a; int b; boolean c; long d; Object e;}
If the properties of an object in the order of storage, then, to take up space for: head (8) + a (1) + padding (3) + b (4) + c (1) + padding (7) + d (8) + e (4) + padding (4) = 40. However, according to the rules are: head (8) + d (8) + b (4) + a (1) + c (1) + padding (2) + e (4) + padding (4) = 32. I can see saving a lot of space.

When it comes to inheritance is a basic rule: first store in the parent class member, then the child is a member of the class, for example:

class A {long a; int b; int c;} class B extends A {long d;}
Such storage space and order as follows: head (8) + a (8) + b (4) + c (4) + d (8) = 32. But if the parent class attributes eight bytes is not enough how to do? So there is a new rule: the parent class interval with the last member of the first member of a subclass if not four bytes, then the need to extend the basic unit of four bytes, for example:

class A {byte a;} class B extends A {byte b;}
Then the time occupied space as follows: head (8) + a (1) + padding (3) + b (1) + padding (3) = 16. Obviously, this way more waste of space, so there: If the first member of the subclass is double or long, and the parent does not run out of 8 bytes, JVM will destroy the regulation will be filled to the smaller data space, for example:

class A {byte a;} class B extends A {long b; short c; byte d;}
In this case the space occupied as follows: head (8) + a (1) + padding (3) + c (2) + d (1) + padding (1) + b (8) = 24.
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