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  Java Prototype Pattern
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Prototype schema definition: Use the prototype instance to specify the type of object to be created, and create a new object by copying those prototypes.

The Prototype pattern allows an object to create another customizable object without any knowledge of how to create it. It works by passing a prototype object to the object to be created. The object to be created is created by requesting the prototype Objects copy themselves to implement the creation.

How to use Prototype mode

Because Java provides clone () method to achieve the object cloning, so the Prototype pattern to achieve all of a sudden become very simple. Take the spoon as an example:

Public abstract class AbstractSpoon implements Cloneable {
String spoonName;
Public void setSpoonName (String spoonName) {this.spoonName = spoonName;}
Public String getSpoonName () {return this.spoonName;}
Public Object clone () {
Object object = null;
Try {
Object = super.clone ();
} Catch (CloneNotSupportedException exception) {
System.err.println ( "AbstractSpoon is not Cloneable");
Return object;
There are two concrete implementations (ConcretePrototype):

Public class SoupSpoon extends AbstractSpoon {
Public SoupSpoon () {
SetSpoonName ( "Soup Spoon");
Public class SaladSpoon extends AbstractSpoon {
Public SaladSpoon () {
SetSpoonName ( "Salad Spoon");

Calling the Prototype pattern is simple:

AbstractSpoon spoon = new SoupSpoon ();
AbstractSpoon spoon = new SaladSpoon ();

Of course, can also be combined with the factory pattern to create AbstractSpoon instance.

Prototype in Java into a clone () method of use, because of the pure Java object-oriented features, making use of design patterns in Java become very natural, the two are almost seamless. This is reflected in many patterns, such as the Interator traversal pattern.
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