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  Java threads in the life cycle
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  First, a brief look at the thread:

Process: the running program. In fact, the process is a memory allocation space application runtime.

Thread: in fact, in the process of an execution path. The process is responsible for labeling applications space. The thread is responsible for the implementation of the order of application.

Lifetime of the thread:

Generally there are about several thread state:

1. New:

Create a thread object.

2. Ready:

start method is called, the thread execution qualifications obtained, but no enforcement power.

(Principle of randomness: as fast cpu caused by switching, which thread the implementation of the right to obtain the cpu, which thread is executed.)

3. Run:

Thread acquires execution of the CPU, this state has also qualified to perform the execution right.

4. blocking:

Since some operations so that the thread is in the state, there is no implementation of qualifications, nor enforcement powers. While others operate and threads can be activated and activated in a ready state.

5. Death:

run method ends, the thread object becomes garbage, waiting GC recovery.

And then tell us about some of the ways the way the thread:

void run () method inherited Thread or implement must be implemented when Runnable, which writes time-consuming.

void start () method to open thread

static void sleep (long t) releases the execution right of the CPU, does not release the lock

static void sleep (long millis, int nanos)

final void wait () releases the execution right of the CPU, the lock is released

final void notify () wake up at any of a thread pool thread

interrupt (): the interrupt thread.

setPriority (int newPriority): set the thread priority. (The default priority is 5)

getPriority (): Returns the thread's priority.

toString (): Returns a string representation of this thread, including the thread's name, priority, and thread group.

Thread.yield (): Pause the currently executing thread object, and perform other threads. Polite Thread

setDaemon (true): Marks this thread as either a daemon thread or a user thread. When a thread running are all daemon threads, Java virtual machine exit. This method must be called before the thread is started.

join: Join a thread, when the thread execution will be performed after another thread.
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