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  JavaScript basic tools list
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In training camp, the participants of the extended programming capabilities, to introduce them to some of our tools and libraries. There are bits JavaScript student Kalina, he summarized a list of these tools to share code to other enthusiasts.


Scaffolding tools (for start-up projects)

Yeoman - Yeoman is a robust and fixed client library, including tools and frameworks to help developers quickly build a beautiful web application.

Construction Tools (Build Automation)

Grunt.js - Grunt ecosystem is huge, and growing every day. Since there are hundreds of plug-ins to choose from, you can use the automated build Grunt, and the least expensive price.
Pint.js (Grunt assistant) - Pint is a small, asynchronous, perception dependent library package Grunt-based, large-scale attempt to solve some of the problems in the build process.
Gulp.js - Gulp streaming mode and code to build over configuration philosophy that build simpler and more intuitive.
Browserify.js (browser) - Browserify is allowed to write, compile node.js modules and used to style browser development tools. Like node, we write module in a separate file, use module.exports, exports to the outside of methods and properties.
Uglify.js - Uglify.js serving the NodeJS a JavaScript parsing / compression / landscaping library.

Package management tools

Homebrew (for Mac) - Homebrew can install what you need while Apple does not provide.
Apt (applies to Ubuntu System) - apt-get command is a powerful command-line tool, and Ubuntu's Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) with the use, provided you install new software, update existing software, software updates the list of directories, and even upgrade entire Ubuntu system and other functions.
NPM - npm official Node.js is a package management tool.
Bower - Bower is a web package management tools.

front end


MVC framework

Backbone.js - Backbone.js by providing the module key bindings, custom events, with rich enumerable set of API functions, can handle the defined view events, build web application architecture. Through RESTful JSON interface to communicate with other existing API.
Ember.js - when the underlying module changes, Ember make better in terms of maintaining the latest HTML template engine Handlebar. Initially, you do not even need to write any JavaScript.
Angular.js - Angular.js allows you to extend the application of the HTML vocabulary. The resulting effect is highly expressive web page, the code readable, suitable for rapid development.


Handlebars.js - Handlebars provided to let you smoothly and efficiently build the power of semantic templates. Handlebars compatible Mustache template so you can import Mustache template Handlebars while enjoying the other features Handlebars.
Mustache.js (less than Handlebars external elements) - Mustache is a simple web template system that has ActionScript, C ++, Clojure, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, D, Erlang, Fantom, Go, Java, JavaScript, Lua, .NET , Objective-C, Pharo, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala and XQuery language versions available.
Jade - Jade is a node template engine, mainly for server-side template node.js and design.
Haml-js - Haml-js Haml syntax allows the use of JavaScript in the project, and has most of the same functionality as with the original Haml.
Eco - Eco CoffeeScript lets you embed logic in the tag element.


Casper.js - CasperJS is a Javascript achieved, PhantomJS and SlimerJS navigation scripts and testing tools.
Zombie.js - Zombie.js lightweight framework is a test client JS code in a simulated environment. Without the browser.

rear end



Express - Express Node is a web application framework.
Node - Node.js is a built Chrome JavaScript run-time platform is based, for easily building fast, easy to expand network applications.


MongoDB - MongoDB is an open source document database, leading NoSQL database.
Postgresql - PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source, object - relational database system.
SQL - SQL is used to communicate with the database. According to the definition of the American National Standards Institute, which is the standard language for relational database management systems.

Architectural style

RESTful - state into the presentation layer is an architectural style, includes a set of architectural constraints of mutual cooperation. These constraints apply to distributed components, connectors and data elements between the hypermedia system.


Cucumber.js - Cucumber.js is a popular behavior-driven development tools, and apply your own JavaScript programs
Jasmine - Jasmine is a JavaScript behavior-driven development testing framework. It does not depend on the browser, DOM, or any other JavaScript frameworks. Therefore, it applies to the website, Node.js project, or any place to run JavaScript.
Mocha - Mocha is a browser running on node.js and feature-rich JavaScript testing framework, making asynchronous test more fun and easy.
Q-Unit - Q-Unit is a powerful, easy to use JavaScript unit testing framework. It is used to jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile project, capable of testing any common JavaScript code.

Assertion Library

Chai - Chai is a behavior-driven development / test-driven development (BDD / TDD) assertion library for node and browsers can happily with any JavaScript testing framework.

Functional Programming Tools

Underscore.js - Underscore is provided a lot of useful functional programming support, built-in objects do not extend any JavaScript library.
Lo-Dash - Lo-Dash is a utility library provides consistency, customization and performance.
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