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  JavaScript: understanding regular expressions
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Use :( Here are some important use metacharacters)

\ S whitespace characters: a space character, \\ s: a plurality of spaces, \\ s +: a plurality of spaces

\ T tab ( '\ u0009')

\ N new line (line feed) character ( '\ u000A')

\ R carriage return ( '\ u000D')

\ F feed character ( '\ u000C')

\ A alert (bell) character ( '\ u0007')

\ B matches a word boundary (located to find a word beginning or end of the match)

\ D: to match the numbers from 0 to 9;

\ W: to match letters, numbers, or the underscore character (a-zA-Z0-9_)

\ E escape character ( '\ u001B')

\ Cx The control character corresponding to x

\ U00A9 is Unicode character

: Match all characters except newline

(To match all characters except newline)

Match string:

var s = 'abc efg';

var r = s.match (/ absc / ig); // => get absc

Convert a string:

s.replace (r, '1') // => var s = '1 efg' successfully replaced

egrep metacharacters

Matches any single character

. Dot matches any single character

[...] Character class matches a single character listed

[^ ...] Negated character set matches a single character that is not listed

Yuan character count feature

? The question mark matches the time allowed, but not necessarily

* The asterisk matches any number of times, it may not match

+ Plus at least one match, at least as many times as possible

{Min, max} interval quantifier requires at least min and at most max times allowed

Metacharacter matches the location

Caret ^ matches the beginning of a line position

$ Dollar sign matches the end position line

\> End of a word delimiter matching words

Other characters

| Alternation matches any partition expression

Chinese Regular: / ^ [\ u4E00- \ u9FA5] + $ /
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