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  Json data with double backslashes to a single backslash Json data processing
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  If you look at the title, you can only be the Oh Oh! I do not understand. Or the first description under the issues now. Here is the use of micro-channel interface returns some data. Because the string data contains html tags so that TX is the string data is encoded. All data is encoded by Unicode, and then kindeditor editor Chinese becomes \ u000a \ u0009 \ u000a \ u0009 text and some other birds.

In C #, which naturally becomes a \\ u000a \\ u0009 \\ u000a \\ u0009, by returning JSON methods for ASP.NET MVC: return Json ({rows = array of objects} new); will take the data object into Json since become \\\\ u000a \\\\ u0009 \\\\ u000a \\\\ u0009.

First, I want to handle calls replace function through the front JS. str.replace (/ \\\\ / g, '\\'); in short, a variety of have tried, are impossible.
Second, by a background process started directly with object attributes and unworkable. The reason is \\ u000a itself is a backslash, followed by the replacement will be \\ u000a.

Finally, the first obj serialized into a string, and then result = result.Replace (@ "\\", @ "\"); double backslash processing of data from a single \\\\ u000a \\\\ u0009 becomes \\ u000a \\ u0009. Then call return Json (new {rows = string});
The two are not the same as with the previous? NO, there is not the same thing, is the value of rows from the object into a string. This shows that the C # convert the object at the time would Json single backslash \\ \\ bars as dual blood processing, and the string does not.
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