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  Lua non-blocking write log
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  With nginx-lua take service needs to write the log, the general nginx comes accesslog plus logrotate script to achieve, but can not meet the need to write more than one request log demand

Before using C and GO to achieve a similar code, the idea is to write the main process piping, pipes and child reading by the apache-rotatelogs write log

Lua is also used here to achieve a bit -

- Rlog is an non-blocking logging based on pipe.
- Rotatelogs of Apache is recommanded to be the output of pipe.
- Before using Rlog, you should install luaposix.

local posix = require ( "posix")
local os = require ( "os")

- Input of pipe
local pipe_in

- Init rlog
- @param Pipe_cmd pipe operator and the reveiver command.
- E.g. "| rotatelogs -l% Y% m% d% H.logfile 3600"
- @return True when success, false when fail
local function init (pipe_cmd)
    - If already inited, do nothing
    if pipe_in then return true end

    - If pipe_cmd is not start with pipe operator, return false
    if string.sub (pipe_cmd, 1, 1) ~ = "|" then return false end

    - Create pipe
    local pout, pin = posix.pipe ()

    - Fork process to execute cmd
    if posix.fork () == 0 then
        - Close stdin
        io.close (io.stdin)

        - Set output of pipe as stdin
        posix.dup2 (pout, posix.fileno (io.stdin))

        - Close input and output of pipe
        posix.close (pout)
        posix.close (pin)

        - Execute cmd
        os.execute (string.sub (pipe_cmd, 2, -1))

    - Get input of pipe
    pipe_in = pin

    - Close output of pipe
    posix.close (pout)

    return true

- Write log
local function log (log_str)
    - Write log into pipe
    posix.write (pipe_in, log_str .. " n")

return {
    init = init,
    log = log

Below is its testing program

local rlog = require ( "rlog")

- Init
ret = rlog.init ( "| rotatelogs -l% Y% m% d% H.log 3600")
if not ret then
    print ( "init fail")

- Log
rlog.log ( "Hello Rlog")

Since posix.write write pipeline is atomic, so no need to worry about multi-process or multi-threaded write confusing issue

However, this code depends luaposix library needs to be installed before using it.
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