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  Minimum period string problem
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Problem Description:

If a string may be composed of a string of length n repeatedly obtained, then the string with n cycle. For example, abcabcabcabc 3 cycle (note that it is also 6 and 12 cycles).

Enter a string length does not exceed 100, and outputs its minimum period.

Sample input: ChinaChinaChina

Sample output: 5

problem analysis:
String may have more than one cycle, but just find the smallest one. From small to large can enumerate each period (ie from 1 to the size of the string), once they meet the conditions of output immediately. When the minimum period is not a period that is the length of the output string for itself.

Code is as follows:

#include < stdio.h>
#include < string.h>

int main ()
 char str [101];
 scanf ( "% s", str);
 int i, j, flag = 1; // i recording cycle length, j recording position from the beginning of the second period character
 int len = strlen (str); // len is a string
 for (i = 1; i < = len; i ++)
  if (len% i == 0) // length of the string must be divisible by period
   flag = 1;
   // Check whether the string is cyclical
   for (j = i; j < len; j ++) // str [i] as the first character of the second cycle
    if (str [j]! = str [j% i])
     flag = 0;
   if (flag) // find cycle Bounce
 printf ( "% d \ n", i);
 return 0;
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