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  On event processing browser compatibility notes
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Spit first few browser compatible slot, after all, this area has just learning, not alone to say. Most of the front end of the main development should be based on the Firefox browser, in addition to easy to use firebug, Firefox strict parsing is the main reason. In addition Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE is of course not be neglected major browsers that support W3C standards are not identical. Speaking of the main differences, IE can be considered as a class, the other classified as a class. Because IE is often a very different, not to mention Quirks mode.

1.Event objects

Event objects belong to HTML DOM, on behalf of the state of events. But IE Event objects are treated as property of the Window object, use of the Event object is cross-browser compatible way:

function eventHandleFunction (evnt) {
      var theEvent = evnt evnt:? window.event;
      // ...

2. Event bubbling

 Event bubbling is simply child elements of an event is triggered, by default the parent element's event will be triggered in succession. We want to stop event bubbling for Mozilla browsers stopPropagation method, and IE browser uses cancleBubble property. Prevent bubbling compatible wording is:

function stopEvent (evnt) {
    if (evnt.stopPropagation) {
          evnt.stopPropagation ();
    } Else {
          evnt.cancleBubble = true;

3. Add a listener function

 JavaScript provides three methods to achieve the object event listener: addEventListener, removeEventListener, dispatchEvent.

addEventListener usage:

obj.addEventListener ( 'event', eventFunction, boolean);

The third parameter is false, the form of bubbling event. Value is the opposite, that my late father son after anti-bubbling order of true.

But IE seems not the same, IE does not support the above method (I do not know the future will not support), a similar procedure is attachEvent, detachEvent. Compatible for event listener approach is:

if (obj.addEventListener) {
    obj.addEventListener ( "click", clickFunc, false);
} Else if (obj.attachEvent) {
    obj.attachEvent ( "onclick", clickFunc);
} Else {
    obj.onclick = clickFunc;
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