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  Perl said method B if A judge
  Add Date : 2017-09-18      
  Perl provides another "if A then B" representation. Modifiers can be added if the general statement that the conditional expressions on the back, such as:

some_statements if condition;

In this statement, for example, if the condition is true, then execute some_statements section. Such wording identical with the following wording:

if (condition) {

Here are some similar usage:

expression unless condition; ## similar unless (condition) {expression};
expression while condition; ## similar while (condition) {expression};
expression until condition; ## similar until (condition) {expression};

The above statements are executed first condition, it decides whether to perform genuine expression.

Modifiers must be a simple expression, not a statement block.

Although the condition determination written on the back, but it is first run.

The other two "if A then B" representation:

this && that;

this || that;


#! / Usr / bin / perl -w
@a = (97..122);
@b = ( 'a' .. 'z');
@a == @b && print ( "They are equal \ n");
@a == @b || print ( "They are not equal \ n");

Logic procedures are as follows:
Table @a equal list @b, the front part of the third statement is true, the statement following && continue output "They are equal"; fourth statement, because the front is true, the statement following the || is not executed.
Table @a is not equal to the list @b, the front part of the third statement is false, it is no longer execute the statement following &&; fourth statement, because the front is false, so it needs to execute the statement following the output "They are not equal ";
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