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  Proficient in C / C ++ can also find a very good job
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Electrical Majors have learned C or C ++, but did not arouse attention. Electricity graduates in order to have a high-paying jobs, and embedded systems in application technology development work related is preferred.

Flex-take of course is a master, but in fact if you proficient in C / C ++, even if other courses completely on track to learn again, until graduation looking for a good job is very easy. Employment direction proficient in C / C ++ classmates main driver development engineer X86-based computer, WinCE, Linux and software development engineers and other positions. The senior year, after graduation, many students want to engage in embedded software development WinCE, Linux direction, not to mention for unskilled C ++, and C programming for the entry-level may not reach the level of such a foundation where to start it? So whether you went to college students now in that age, if you are not proficient in C language, please act now to put together the program design.

For just entered college freshman, if your university has not been developed C language, textbook immediately, Hands self-programming, or wait until you know when it was too late. Even if you are in stage four years of college, "Xiahun," but as long as you use the C / C ++ to write programs per day, four years later, you will grow into a master, do not you worry no good job?

The following will introduce a "C ++ Programming Guide" (Second Edition, money can, Tsinghua University Press) book, the author in the three months before and after the Spring Festival time carefully read through this material, the book is divided into four parts, namely the base portion (overview of basic programming statements, data types, and calculation expression), procedural programming (function mechanisms, performance and program structure), object-oriented programming (classes, objects, birth and death, Inheritance and object-based programming) and advanced programming (polymorphism, abstract classes, templates and exception). Content can choose one of the first and second as part of the C programming teaching, the third and fourth parts as a C ++ program design course content, the first, second and third part, four parts, respectively, can be used as a term of about 64 Theory hours of teaching practice, which can account for Hands 24 hours, if able to do so, you can add more hands-on practice time.

recommend aspiring taught students spontaneously organized C / C ++ programming extracurricular interest groups, and then on the basis of further development WinCE, Linux interest groups, students to carry out community activities in accordance with the previous author has published articles in a way, to strengthen the hands and innovative practices.

In order to develop innovative applications of embedded systems software development talent, I spent a lot of time to study a wide variety of C / C ++ textbooks, and although I never met the author of the book, but in correspondence with the author we have a lot of common ideas and would be similar in innovative education practices ideologically, so that I know the author is hereby recommended. At the same time we have decided to book as the 2009 Electrical and Mechanical College of Jiangxi University freshman class automation Innovative experiments first and second semester of C / C ++ programming materials for future students engaged in software development and lay a solid foundation.

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