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  Python Basics Tutorial - lambda keyword
  Add Date : 2017-06-05      
  The Python lambda keyword can be understood as: its function is similar to function pointers. Official translation lambda is an anonymous function, which is relatively normal function is as an illustration:

Define a normal function, to achieve operation by 1:

def plus1 (x):
    return x + 1

The above statements are implemented:
1. Define a function, the function is named: plus1
2. This function has one argument

Corresponding anonymous function statement writing:

lambda x: x + 1

Note that this is an expression, so he actually can not do anything. . .

So if we want to call the function to achieve operational by 1, respectively, by way of example for normal function and the anonymous function is as follows:

Function to achieve real name:

def plus1 (x):
    return x + 1

a = 0
a = plus1 (a)
print a

Anonymous functions to achieve:

func = lambda x: x + 1
a = 0
a = func (a)
print a

Conclusion usage anonymous function both as a C language macro definitions, like a C language function pointer.

The anonymous function and branded functions in combination even more fun, such as:

def plus1 (x):
    return x + 1

func = lambda x: plus1 (x)
a = 0
a = func (a)
print a

You see, this is not a function pointer usage yet?

With the C language function pointer becomes extremely flexible, too, will spend after lambda, python can also become equally flexible.
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