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  Python function arguments * args and ** kwargs usage
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Args is an array of all parameters, kwargs is that when you pass key = value is stored in the dictionary, when the function parameter uncertainty, you can use the * args and kwargs, * args no key value, kwargs have key value

    def fun_var_args (farg, * args):
        print "arg:", farg
        for value in args:
            print "another arg:", value
    fun_var_args (1, "two", 3) # * args can accommodate multiple variables can be used as component list


arg: 1
another arg: two
another arg: 3

** Kwargs:

    def fun_var_kwargs (farg, ** kwargs):
        print "arg:", farg
        for key in kwargs:
            print "another keyword arg:% s:% s"% (key, kwargs [key])
    fun_var_kwargs (farg = 1, myarg2 = "two", myarg3 = 3) # myarg2 and myarg3 is considered key, feel ** kwargs can accommodate a plurality of key and value as the dictionary


    arg: 1
    another keyword arg: myarg2: two
    another keyword arg: myarg3: 3

You can also use the following form:

def fun_var_args_call (arg1, arg2, arg3):
    print "arg1:", arg1
    print "arg2:", arg2
    print "arg3:", arg3
args = [ "two", 3] #list
fun_var_args_call (1, * args)


    arg1: 1
    arg2: two
    arg3: 3

    def fun_var_args_call (arg1, arg2, arg3):
        print "arg1:", arg1
        print "arg2:", arg2
        print "arg3:", arg3
    kwargs = { "arg3": 3, "arg2": "two"} # dictionary
    fun_var_args_call (1, ** kwargs)


    arg1: 1
    arg2: "two"
    arg3: 3

When all the Senate as key = value form will return a dictionary
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