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  Python maketrans () method
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      


Python maketrans () method is used to create character mappings conversion table, for taking two parameters, the easiest way is called, the first argument is a string that represents the character to be converted, the second argument is a string indicating that the conversion goal.

NOTE: The two strings must be the same length as a one to one relationship.


maketrans () method syntax:

str.maketrans (intab, outtab)

• intab - string consisting of the string to replace characters. Character string corresponding mapping - outtab;

The return value

new string Returns string conversion after generation.


The following example demonstrates the use of maketrans () method to convert all vowels specified number:

#! / Usr / bin / python

# - * - coding: UTF-8 - * -

from string import maketrans   # maketrans function must be called.

intab = "aeiou"

outtab = "12345"

trantab = maketrans (intab, outtab)

str = "this is string example .... wow !!!"

print str.translate (trantab)

The above examples output results are as follows:
th3s 3s str3ng 2x1mpl2 .... w4w !!!

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