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  Python Multithreaded Programming
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Python2.4 ago a thread module supports multi-threaded programming, after 2.4 adds threading module provides a higher level and more powerful thread support.

threading.activeCount (): Returns the number of active thread object
threading.currentThread (): Returns the object for the current thread of execution cpu
threading.enumerate (): Returns a list of the currently active thread object
In addition, threading and provides a lot of java in the Thread class in the same way :( Note that this is both an instance method)

run (): The run () method is the entry point for a thread.
start (): The start () method starts a thread by calling the run method.
join ([time]): The join () waits for threads to terminate.
isAlive (): The isAlive () method checks whether a thread is still executing.
getName (): The getName () method returns the name of a thread.
setName (): The setName () method sets the name of a thread.
There are two ways to create threads:

1) Inheritance threading.Thread

a. Create a subclass threading.Thread
b. covering init (self [, args])
c. Rewrite run method

#! / Usr / bin / python
#! Coding = utf-8
import threading
import time
exitFlag = 0
class MyThread (threading.Thread):
    def __init __ (self, threadID, name, counter):
        threading.Thread .__ init __ (self)
        self.threadID = threadID
        self.name = name
        self.counter = counter

    def run (self):
        task ()

    def task (self):
       '' 'Thread to perform the task' ''
       print 'starting' + self.name
       print 'exiting' + self.name

# Create a thread
thread1 = MyThread (1, 'Thread-1', 1)
thread2 = MyThread (2, 'Thread-2', 2)

# Start a thread
thread1.start ()
thread2.start ()

# End waiting thread
thread1.join ()
thread2.join ()

print 'exiting main thread'
2) task function passed as a parameter to the method Thread

threading.Thread (target = task, args = ()). start ()
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