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  Questions about Linux compiler u-boot
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  My own boards using mpc8641, uboot transplant when encountered some minor problems, they will now be listed.

First, I want to use Linux gcc to compile uboot, so I installed on a virtual machine RedHat9, uboot compile what the original bar code, use the command

#make MPC8641d_config


These two words I remember not particularly clear, you can refer to other people's articles. If your own board uboot, you have to add two lines of code in the makefile:

myboard_config: unconfig

    . @ / Mkconfig $ (@: _ config =) ppc mpc8641d ppc_board NULL

I do not remember specifically, you can refer to these two words mpc8641d rewritten.

This should compile uboot bin file and elf files, but the first time on the error, the error display code I do not remember, but the reason is that so my uboot placed and windows inside a shared folder this is not enough, so I'll put linux uboot's home folder, so that the first section will be no problem. The second part is a compilation uboot command is still being given, because I did not install cross compiler tools, so I went on the website and ppc cross compiler tools like asking ppc-linux-gcc files about 1.9G, after decompression find no give MPC8641d compilation tools, depressed ah, it seems that the application of 8641 or less, ah, no way, use liunx compiler uboot I think there is no chance, only use freescale's ltib tool.
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