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  Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 hard disk installation guide
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 hard disk installation details:

First you should download a good Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 installation image!

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 system CD MD5SUM: 918c94a7432799dbfee35507b530d888

Please select the link to download the latest version of Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0:

Second, you need to install your mirror placed in the root directory of your FAT32 extent under XP, and then extract the two files --vmlinuz installation guide and i nitrd.img (installed in a mirror image of the isolinux from the Mirror Image folder) and copy these two files to the root directory of the installation image where the disk. the next step is to use the GRUB boot red Flag Linux Desktop version 6.0 the installation image! In fact, in GRUB stuff, as long as we have grldl (me in the back Download) This file is on the line, and then we write himself a menu.lst (this is the GRUB boot list!)

title Redflag 6 desktop

kernel (hd0,0) / vmlinuz

initrd (hd0,0) /initrd.img ramdisk_size = 8192

Paste the above code into Notepad, and then save it as menu.lst on it, be sure to save it to the root directory of your installation image where the disc. (Statement about, (hd0,0) may vary depending on your installation image area where the disk is changed, here's my, my mirror installed on the C drive and xp under the FAT32 format!)

Finally, we need to do is XP-BOOT. INI added boot options in GRUB, this is very simple, you just need to open your xp or 2k in the boot. ini, then added in a can, and the following is my boot.ini, for reference!

[Boot loader]

timeout = 4

default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) WINDOWS

[Operating systems]

multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) WINDOWS = "Windows XP" / noexecute = optin / fastdetect

c: grldr = "grub for redflag 6"

This is one of the c: grldr = "grub for redflag 6" and you may choose to change the extent possible, it depends on where your grldl disc zone.
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