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  Role Object of registerNatives () method
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Typically, in order to find your JVM native functionality, they are named in a certain way. For example, for java.lang.Object.registerNatives, corresponding to the C function named Java_java_lang_Object_registerNatives. By using registerNatives (or, more precisely, JNI function RegisterNatives), you can name whatever you want your C functions.

Here is the relevant C code (from OpenJDK6):

static JNINativeMethod methods [] = {

{ "HashCode", "() I", (void *) & JVM_IHashCode},

{ "Wait", "(J) V", (void *) & JVM_MonitorWait},

{ "Notify", "() V", (void *) & JVM_MonitorNotify},

{ "NotifyAll", "() V", (void *) & JVM_MonitorNotifyAll},

{ "Clone", "() Ljava / lang / Object;", (void *) & JVM_Clone},



Java_java_lang_Object_registerNatives (JNIEnv * env, jclass cls)


(* Env) -> RegisterNatives (env, cls, methods, sizeof (methods) / sizeof (methods [0]));


(Please note, Object.getClass is not on the list; it is still called Java_java_lang_Object_getClass "standard" name.) For the listed features, as related to C functions in the table, which is more than writing a bunch of handy forwarding .

If you are embedding Java in C program and want to link within the program itself to this function, register the local function it is also useful, because they usually do not find the mechanism by standard methods to be found. Registration of Local functions can also be used to "rebind" a native method to another C function (which can be useful if your application supports dynamic loading and unloading modules).
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