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  Shell array: Define Shell array, the array length
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Shell in programming a lot stronger than Windows batch, whether it is in circulation, operations.

bash supports one-dimensional array (does not support multidimensional arrays), and does not define the size of the array. Similar to the C language, the subscript of array elements from 0 start number. Gets an array of elements to take advantage of the subscript, the subscript may be an integer or arithmetic expression whose value should be greater than or equal to 0.
Define arrays

In the Shell, use parentheses to denote an array, the array elements with the "space" symbols separated. The general form of an array is defined as follows:

 array_name = (value1 ... valuen)


array_name = (value0 value1 value2 value3)


array_name = (

You can also define separately for each component of the array:

array_name [0] = value0
array_name [1] = value1
array_name [2] = value2

You can not use a continuous index, and there is no limit under the target range.
Read array

The general format is read array element value:
    $ {Array_name [index]}

valuen = $ {array_name [2]}

for example:

#! / Bin / sh
NAME [0] = "Zara"
NAME [1] = "Qadir"
NAME [2] = "Mahnaz"
NAME [3] = "Ayan"
NAME [4] = "Daisy"
echo "First Index: $ {NAME [0]}"
echo "Second Index: $ {NAME [1]}"

Run the script, output:

$. / Test.sh
First Index: Zara
Second Index: Qadir

Use the @ or * can get an array of all the elements, such as:

$ {Array_name [*]}
$ {Array_name [@]}

for example:

#! / Bin / sh
NAME [0] = "Zara"
NAME [1] = "Qadir"
NAME [2] = "Mahnaz"
NAME [3] = "Ayan"
NAME [4] = "Daisy"
echo "First Method: $ {NAME [*]}"
echo "Second Method: $ {NAME [@]}"

Run the script, output:

$. / Test.sh
First Method: Zara Qadir Mahnaz Ayan Daisy
Second Method: Zara Qadir Mahnaz Ayan Daisy

Get length of the array

Gets an array of lengths of string length and get the same way, for example:
Copy plaintext new window

# To obtain the number of array elements

length = $ {# array_name [@]}

Or #

length = $ {# array_name [*]}

# Obtain a single element of the array length

lengthn = $ {# array_name [n]}
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