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  Shell Script: create a function and specify a directory for download
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Write a Shell script:

1, create a function that can accept two parameters:

1) The first parameter is the URL, you can download the file; the second argument is a directory, that is, after downloading stored position;

2) If the user to the directory does not exist, the user is prompted whether to create; if you create will continue, otherwise, the function returns an error value to the calling script 51;

3) if the directory exists, the download file; download command after execution of the test file successfully downloaded or not; if successful, 0 is returned to the calling script, otherwise, it returns to the calling script 52;

#! / Bin / bash

#writen by mofansheng @ 2015-08-10

url = $ 1

dir = $ 2

download ()


        cd $ dir &> / dev / null

        if [$? -ne 0]


        read -p "$ dir No such file or directory, create now? (y / n)" answer

                if [ "$ answer" == "y"]; then

                mkdir -p $ dir

                cd $ dir

                wget $ url &> / dev / null

                        if [$ -ne 0?]; then

                        return "52"



                return "51"



        wget $ url &> / dev / null

                if [$ -ne 0?]; then

                return "52"




download $ url $ dir

echo $?

Analyzing a lot if a little confused;

Validation results:

Directory exists, it returns 0, download files to the existing directory;

[Root @ localhost ~] # sh 1.sh http://www.linuxxxx.com/index.php yong


[Root @ localhost ~] # ls yong /


Directory does not exist, asks if you want to create, choose n is not created, then return 51;

[Root @ localhost ~] # sh 1.sh http://www.linuxxxx.com/index.php fan

fan No such file or directory, create now? (y / n) n


Directory does not exist, it asks if you want to create, choose y create, and download the file to the newly created directory Lane;

[Root @ localhost ~] # sh 1.sh http://www.linuxxxx.com/index.php fan

fan No such file or directory, create now? (y / n) y


[Root @ localhost ~] # ls fan /


Download the file is unsuccessful, it returns 52;

[Root @ localhost ~] # sh 1.sh http://www.linuxxxx.com/xxxx.php

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