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  Shell script on the variables with double quotation marks grep small problem
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Today, when writing a shell script, there is an operation is to use the grep command in a file search for the specified content. Specify the contents stored in the file, use a variable to get the contents of the file, and then go to the grep command.

    This code is as follows:
For target in `cat content.txt`
    Grep $ target test.txt >> result.txt
Content.txt The contents of the text are:
"Domain \ [2 \]"
"Domain \ [3 \]"
"Domain \ [4 \]"
    Because the use of grep, the final order to be implemented (grep "domain \ [2 \]" test.txt), so the direct quotation marks written in the content.txt the text. Then the implementation of the script, when the implementation of the script began to be wrong, the direct implementation (grep "domain \ [2 \]" test.txt) is able to search for the content. But in the script is not search for content, so add "set-x" to see the implementation of the order to show the implementation of the order is (grep "domain \ [2 \]" test.txt). Finally tortured for a long time, found that the text is content.txt double quotation marks in the problem. After the success of the implementation of the following change, to search the content.
Content.txt The contents of the text are:
Domain \ [2 \]
Domain \ [3 \]
Domain \ [4 \]
For target in `cat content.txt`
Grep "$ target" test.txt >> result.txt
So thought, but also wrote a script test:
#! / Bin / ksh
Set -x
Grep "\" hello \ "" test.c
This script actually simulates the use of double quotes as part of a variable.
Execution Result The command to be executed is:
+ Grep "hello" test.c
And the above example to see is the same, the surface looks in the test.c search hello, but in fact the search is ( "hello"), so the search can not. Similarly, for the previous example, I think the search is (domain \ [2 \]), in fact, search for ( "domain \ [2 \]"), but ( "domain \ [2 \]") This is indeed No, so not search.
    That is, if the double quotation marks on content.txt passed to the variable, resulting in double quotation marks is no longer the content to be queried, but the double quotation marks is a part of the variable. Finally, although the two see the appearance of exactly the same, but the meaning is not the same. Hey, shell good magic ah, do not believe you see, ha ha.
Explanation: The shell used is ksh.
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