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  Sorting algorithm of dichotomy (binary) insertion sort algorithm
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  The basic idea
The basic idea of binary insertion sort and direct insertion sort, as in the insertion section i (i>=1) elements, the elements of the previous i-1 has been sorted. The difference is that different methods to find the insertion position, binary insertion sort is to use binary search to find the insertion position.
Binary search of the basic idea is: to be interpolated value of the element to find the current value of the intermediate element of the sequence is compared to the current search intermediate element of a sequence as a dividing line, is determined to be inserted element is to find sequence in the current left or right, If it is in its left, places the left to find a sequence for the current sequence, similar to the right. According to the above method, recursively processing the new sequence, until the current search length sequence is less than 1 lookup process ends.

In the array a, and the left and right borders // row data to be stored in the column to be sorted
public void BinaryInsertSort (int [] a, int left, int right) {
    int low, middle, high;
        int temp;
    for (int i = left + 1; i < = right; i ++) {
            temp = a [i];
            low = left;
            high = i - 1;
            while (low < = high) {
                middle = (low + high) / 2;
                if (a [i] < a [middle])
                    high = middle - 1;
                    low = middle + 1;

            for (int j = i - 1; j> = low; j--)
                    a [j + 1] = a [j];

            a [low] = temp;

Performance Analysis
time complexity
Binary insertion sort suitable for recording a few more scenes, compared with the direct insertion sort, insertion sort binary spent looking for the insertion position above time is greatly reduced, but the binary insertion sort in terms of the number of mobile recording and direct insertion sort is the same, so its time complexity is O (n2).
Second, the record number of comparisons binary insertion sort has nothing to do with the initial sequence. Because each trip to find the sort binary insertion position, a binary number is certain, a binary comparison is necessary only once, so the number of comparisons is certain.
Space complexity
Like with direct insertion sort, is O (1).
Binary insertion sort is a stable sort algorithm.
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