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  Spring Data JPA call a stored procedure examples
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  JPA connect to the database, call a stored procedure, this demand is very common. This article will address this point, how to use Spring Data JPA call a stored procedure approach.

1, stored procedures
Suppose stored procedure is as follows:

  PROCEDURE in_only_test (inParam1 IN VARCHAR2);
  PROCEDURE in_and_out_test (inParam1 IN VARCHAR2, outParam1 OUT VARCHAR2);
END test_pkg;
  PROCEDURE in_only_test (inParam1 IN VARCHAR2) AS
      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( 'in_only_test');
  END in_only_test;
  PROCEDURE in_and_out_test (inParam1 IN VARCHAR2, outParam1 OUT VARCHAR2) AS
      outParam1: = 'Woohoo Im an outparam, and this is my inparam' || inParam1;
  END in_and_out_test;
END test_pkg;
There are two stored procedures:

1) in_only_test
It requires an input parameter inParam1, but does not return a value

2) in_and_out_test
It requires an input parameter inParam1, and the return value outParam1

2, @ NamedStoredProcedureQueries
We can use @NamedStoredProcedureQueries comments to call a stored procedure.

@Table (Name = "MYTABLE")
@NamedStoredProcedureQueries ({
        @NamedStoredProcedureQuery (Name = "in_only_test", procedureName = "test_pkg.in_only_test", parameters = {
                @StoredProcedureParameter (Mode = ParameterMode.IN, name = "inParam1", type = String.class)}),
        @NamedStoredProcedureQuery (Name = "in_and_out_test", procedureName = "test_pkg.in_and_out_test", parameters = {
                @StoredProcedureParameter (Mode = ParameterMode.IN, name = "inParam1", type = String.class),
                @StoredProcedureParameter (Mode = ParameterMode.OUT, name = "outParam1", type = String.class)})})
public class MyTable implements Serializable {
Key points:

Stored procedures used comments @NamedStoredProcedureQuery, and bind to a JPA table.
procedureName is the name of the stored procedure
name is the name of the stored procedure JPA
To define the stored procedure used IN / OUT parameters using annotations @StoredProcedureParameter
3. Create a database Spring Data JPA
Let's create the Spring Data JPA database:

public interface MyTableRepository extends CrudRepository {
    @Procedure (Name = "in_only_test")
    void inOnlyTest (@Param ( "inParam1") String inParam1);

    @Procedure (Name = "in_and_out_test")
    String inAndOutTest (@Param ( "inParam1") String inParam1);
Key points:

@Procedure The name parameter must match the name @NamedStoredProcedureQuery
@Param Must match the name parameter @StoredProcedureParameter comment
The return type must match: in_only_test stored procedure that returns a void, in_and_out_test stored procedure must return String
4, call
We can call a stored procedure:

    // Pass parameters to the stored procedure and returns a value
    String inParam = "Hi Im an inputParam";
    String outParam = myTableRepository.inAndOutTest (inParam);
    Assert.assertEquals (outParam, "Woohoo Im an outparam, and this is my inparam Hi Im an inputParam");
    // Pass parameters to the stored procedure does not return value
    myTableRepository.inOnlyTest (inParam);
5. Other tips
If the above code does not work, so to solve. Define custom Repository to call the stored procedure last night local query.

Define custom Repository:

public interface MyTableRepositoryCustom {
    void inOnlyTest (String inParam1);
Then we want to ensure that the primary Repository classes inherit this interface.

public interface MyTableRepository extends CrudRepository , MyTableRepositoryCustom {
6. Create Repository implementation class
Then create the implementation class of the Repository:

public class MyTableRepositoryImpl implements MyTableRepositoryCustom {
private EntityManager em;

public void inOnlyTest (String inParam1) {
    this.em.createNativeQuery ( "BEGIN in_only_test (: inParam1); END;") setParameter ( "inParam1", inParam1).
            .executeUpdate ();

It can be called in a conventional manner:

MyTableRepository myTableRepository;
// Call a stored procedure
myTableRepository.inOnlyTest (inParam1);
It is not very simple.
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