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  Struts2 Result Types
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In struts-default.xml struts2-core- root directory is configured to provide a range of the result type struts2
struts2 result type implements the interface com.opensymphony.xwork2.Result
Supported type Result type:
chain: chain for processing Action
chart: Integration JFreeChart type of results
dispatcher: to turn the page, usually of the JSP
 freemaker: Processing FreeMarker template
httpheader: Results of the type of behavior control special HTTP
jasper: for JasperReports integration result type
jsf: JSF integration result type
redirect: redirect to a URL
 redirect-action: redirected to an Action
 stream: Send InputSream objects to the browser, typically used to handle file downloads, data can also be used to return AJAX
tiles: Tiles with the result of the integration type
velocity: Velocity template processing
xslt: handle XML / XLST template
plaintext: displays the original contents of the file, such as source code files

dispatcher result type as the default result type is used to return a view of resources (such as: jsp)
 Xml Code:

< Result name = "success"> / main.jsp < / result>
 < Result name = "success"> / main.jsp < / result>
Written above uses two default, the complete wording is:
  < Result name = "success" type = "dispatcher">
      < Param name = "location"> / maini.jsp < / param>
 < / Result>
 location can be a page, not another action (available type = "chain" to solve).

redirect result type is used to redirect to a page, another action or a URL.
Xml Code:

< Result name = "success" type = "redirect"> aaa.jsp < / result>
 < Result name = "success" type = "redirect"> bbb.action < / result>
 < Result name = "success" type = "redirect"> www.baidu.com < / result>

redirect-action type of results using ActionMapper ActionMapperFactory provided to redirect the request to another action
 Xml Code:

< Result name = "err" type = "redirect-action">
    < Param name = "actionName"> Action name redirected < / param>
      < Param name = "namespace"> Redirect Action where the namespace < / param>
 < / Result>
 redirect and redirect-action type two results in the use and in fact there is no difference, but the wording is different.

chain is used to connect several related action together to accomplish a function.
Xml Code:

< Action name = "step1" class = "test.Step1Action">
      < Result name = "success" type = "chain"> step2.action < / result>
 < / Action>
 < Action name = "step2" class = "test.Step2Action">
 < Result name = "success"> finish.jsp < / result>
 < / Action>
The action in the chain belong to the same http request to share a ActionContext
 plaintextj result type is used to display the source code directly on the page

Xml Code:

< Result name = "err" type = "plaintext">
    < Param name = "location"> specific location < / param>
    < Param name = "charSet"> character specifications (such as GBK) < / param>
 < / Result>
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