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  Talk about Java EE Learning
  Add Date : 2016-04-23      
  Today, brothers and share Java EE learning experience. Take over the book, straight into the subject, let's first look at what is Java EE.

Java EE platform built on Java SE platform, Java EE platform provides a set of API and runtime environment to develop and run a large-scale, multi-layer, scalable, reliable and secure network applications.

JAVA EE did develop friends should know, related concepts JAVA EE a lot, a lot of frameworks, beginners can easily fall into a sudden a lot of concepts and find themselves unable to communicate better if you have friends around, it will be very easy to give up direct , and turned the arms of Microsoft, have to say here, Microsoft's technical documentation, development tools, support consistency in many ways is a great advantage. So where does a shortcut, right, choose a mainstream framework, such as spring, now is not the era of SSH, because structs have been applied in the project did not years ago, less common, but also because of the use of Hibernate JPA emergence look not so special, so from the beginning of spring is a good choice, complete documentation, the community with more people, a problem is relatively easy to find the answer. It should be said that, before you start using the spring, at the basis of JAVA based or have otherwise might be more difficult to learn.

Java EE itself is a set of specifications, Oracle does not like Microsoft to provide all implementations and all the tools, which led to a great deal from c ++ / c # turn to meet some friends, in fact, this is normal, the concept of change look like a , then in addition to a frame, what technology is a must do.

1. The front-end technology, since the Java EE mainly for distributed web applications, so the front of javascript / css / html are necessary lesson

2. The database, such as My SQL in the development of a system is also available around the past.

3. Dynamic languages, such as Groovy, the advantages of a large system development is beyond doubt, can greatly improve development efficiency.

4.Log support, such as log4j, during the investigation of the problem is difficult to reproduce the only choice.

5. Build tools such maven, can make our lives much better.

to sum up

The above technologies are familiar, Java EE basically a beginning, the remaining work is itemized in-depth study, a small spot on any outstanding of which can make you stand out, in addition, for technical learning, hands-on is the most critical, direction, and do not practice is useless, we encourage each other.
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