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  Usage logs Python library
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Regardless of the log for the development or operation and maintenance is a very important thing, it can be used for debugging, troubleshooting and statistical analysis.

This article describes the use of python log library.

Log database: import logging

Use logs need to define the following things:

1. Obtain log name, such as

logging.getLogger (__ name__)

2. Define Handler, such as

logging.FileHandler ( '/ var / log / messages')

3. Set the level, such as

fh.setLevel (logging.DEBUG)

4. Define the format, such as

formatter = logging.Formatter ( '% (asctime) s -% (name) s -% (levelname) s -% (message) s')

5. Print logs, such as

LOG.error ( "python logging test !!")

Here are a script is used to output logs to / var / log / messages and terminals.

import logging

LOG = logging.getLogger (__ name__)

formatter = logging.Formatter ( '% (asctime) s -% (name) s -% (levelname) s -% (message) s')

fh = logging.FileHandler ( '/ var / log / messages')

fh.setLevel (logging.DEBUG)

fh.setFormatter (formatter)

LOG.addHandler (fh)

ch = logging.StreamHandler ()

ch.setLevel (logging.ERROR)

ch.setFormatter (formatter)

LOG.addHandler (ch)

LOG.error ( "python logging test !!")

Run, you'll find the / var / log / messages and the screen will have a similar "2015-06-28 07: 41: 41,527 - test - ERROR - python logging test !!".

This is the basic usage log, the future will introduce the use of more complex points.
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