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  Variables Python variables
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recently wrote a program process of variables encountered a Python variable is the value of a variable, or variable, and then I want to take the final value, thanks to the great google, wrote this article under record. First on the code:

#! / Usr / bin / env python
# Encoding = utf-8

import inspect
import ConfigParser

confPath = "/ home / linuxidc / config / config"

def modify_config (domain_name, app_type, port, if_api, vip, svn, svnver, yfb_ip, cron_ip, hosts, hostname, if_cas_oa, if_session, if_nginx, check_apps_dir, health_check):
    if vip is None:
        vip = ""
    if yfb_ip is None:
        yfb_ip = ""
    if cron_ip is None:
        cron_ip = ""
    if hosts is None:
        hosts = ""
    if if_cas_oa is None:
        if_cas_oa = ""
    if if_session is None:
        if_session = ""
    # Updates the specified section, the value of the option
    conf = ConfigParser.ConfigParser ()
    conf.read (confPath)
    ### Inspect.getargspec this role is to take the function's parameter list
    arg_list = inspect.getargspec (modify_config) .args
    ### Following the second argument conf.set I just want to take arg value, and the third would like to take arg parameter value of a variable value, because the value of arg is itself a function of the parameters modify_config
    for arg in arg_list:
        conf.set ( "online", arg, locals (). get (arg))
    conf.write (open (confPath, "w"))

if __name__ == '__main__':
    domain_name = "www.linuxidc.com"
    app_type = "osp"
    port = "8081"
    if_api = "1"
    vip = ""
    svn = "https://svn.tools.linuxidc.com/svn/"
    svnver = "24562"
    yfb_ip = ""
    cron_ip = ""
    hosts = "www.linuxidc.com"
    hostname = "JD-linuxidc-COM"
    if_cas_oa = "0"
    if_session = "mcs2"
    if_nginx = "1"
    check_apps_dir = "0"
    health_check = "_health_check"
    modify_config (domain_name, app_type, port, if_api, vip, svn, svnver, yfb_ip, cron_ip, hosts, hostname, if_cas_oa, if_session, if_nginx, check_apps_dir, health_check)
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