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  Weld a problem in JDK 8u60 environment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In the recently released JDK 8u60 not all members are virtual correctly ignored resulting in Weld exposed a problem. This problem has been 2.2.16.Final, 2.3.0.CR2 and 3.0.0.Alpha14 (not yet released) are resolved. However, if you do not use lambda expression refers to an event or process parameters inside a processor or observer method, your application will not be affected in any way. Related problems Check WELD-2019.


If there is a lambda expression refers to an event or an observer processor or method parameters inside the handle. The compiler will use the event argument as a parameter to create a virtual method. From 8u60 start parameter annotation it was retained as a virtual method, so the Weld wrong these virtual methods as an observer or processor approach.


Maybe you already know WELD-000409: For container life cycle events, observer method can only be extended if .... even WELD-001408: For type of dependency is not satisfied ... the use of such a lambda expression If using a lambda expression in normal observer in lambda expressions and the use of more references (for example, not just an event or process parameters, method parameters are also some virtual methods), these additional parameters in the CDI the injection point.


class Foo {
  void observe (@Observes @Juicy String payload) {
    Arrays.asList ( "foo") stream () filter ((s) -> s.equals (payload))..;
Create a virtual method as lambda expressions, and the event parameters to be used as a method parameter. Annotations are protected. In this example, Weld created two events with the same parameters: @Observes @Juicy String payload observer method.


Use an additional local variable instead of the event parameter, the value of the event parameter is assigned to a local variable:

public void observe (@Observes @Juicy String payload) {
   String p = payload;
   Arrays.asList ( "foo") stream () filter ((s) -> s.equals (p))..;
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