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  When should I use Angular 2
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  People often ask - "I should be in my new project to use Angular 2 it?"

If the project does not need to be ready for a few months?

If it is a small project, or a proof of concept?

As you may have at home we are playing Angular 2, but at work you insist on using 1.x.

At some point, from it "? Should I" to "why can not I?" - Hey, you want to play new tricks! Clean component architecture, acceleration, and the accompanying ES6 or TypeScript all the nice things. Ah, really wonderful friends.

How do you decide

In essence, this is how a low-risk item (its failure does not mean your business failure or something), and you are prepared to spend their own time to clarify things, to try to use Angular 2.

Yeah you have to be careful, it's still alpha software, and a lot can change, break everything you write. When you are accustomed to using Angular 1, then the Stack Overflow, you will not have much help.

Very clear that, here, I am not saying Angular 2 is "ready" to OK it. You still need to weigh the risks and best judgment.

Check, you prepare Augular 2? Let us take a look at their progress through open test it.

Use Angular 2

If you have decided take the risk, but they never used it, then you must first decide which language to use: ES6, Typescript, or ES5. Moreover, it is now subscribe to my press releases good time, subscribe to it, you can read the first time to the hottest news and Angular 1 Angular 2 development of best practices in the articles.

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Then, go to learn these "great course", with experience, you can learn in depth and use.

Use Angular 1

Still stick with Angular 1? Nor shame.

Here are some of the future can help you easily migrate to Angular 2 things you need to know:

Start writing ES6 or TypeScript
Anywhere with controllerAs grammar, give up $ scope.
The app allows you to enter the component tree (= a component of an instruction)
When Angular 1.5 is available, use it to start a new .component symbols substituted .directive
Before Angular 1.5, like this organize your instruction:
  restrict: 'E',
  scope: {...}, // isolate scope
  controller: 'NameCtrl',
  controllerAs: 'name',
  bindToController: true,
  // No link
  // No compile

Avoid ng-controller
See RxJS of observable, try packaging $ watch.
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