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  Why use Docker
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  As a new approach to virtualization, Docker with the traditional approach to virtualization has numerous advantages.

First, start Docker container can be realized in the second stage, which compared to the traditional way of virtual machines much faster. Secondly, high Docker utilization of system resources, it can run thousands of Docker containers simultaneously on a single host.

In addition to the container in which the application is running, the basic does not consume additional system resources, making high performance applications, while the cost of the system as small as possible. Traditional virtual machines run 10 different applications will play 10 virtual machines, while Docker just need to start 10 to isolate applications.

Specifically, Docker has a large advantage in the following aspects.

Faster delivery and deployment

The development and operation and maintenance (devop) staff, the best hope is to create or configure once, run anywhere normal.

Developers can use a standard image to build a container developer, after the completion of the development, operation and maintenance personnel can directly use this container to deploy code. Docker can quickly create a container, fast iterative application, and visible throughout the entire process, so that other team members is easier to understand how the application is to create and work. Docker container very light soon! Start time of the container is the second level, and a large amount of savings in development, testing, deployment time.

More efficient virtualization

Run Docker container does not require additional hypervisor support, which is a kernel-level virtualization, it is possible to achieve higher performance and efficiency.

Easier migration and expansion

Docker container can run on almost any platform, including physical machines, virtual machines, public cloud, private cloud, personal computers, servers and the like. This compatibility allows users to migrate an application from one platform to another.

Easier management

Use Docker, only small changes, you can replace the conventional lot of updates. All modifications are incrementally be distributed and updated, enabling automated and efficient management.

Compared to traditional virtual machine summary

Characteristics of the virtual machine container
Start-second minute level
MB hard disk usage is generally generally GB
Near native performance was weaker than
The system supports single volume supports thousands of dozens of container ships
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