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  Will Laravel become the most successful PHP framework?
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Laravel is a country with a bright future young framework, its community vibrant and relevant documentation and tutorials complete and clear, and provides the necessary functionality for quick and safe development of modern applications. In recent years the popularity of PHP framework statistics, Laravel always ahead. So what makes the most successful Laravel PHP framework?


In 2011, Taylor Otwell will Laravel as a framework for a new modern method comprising introduce to you. Laravel originally designed to face the MVC architecture, it meets such as event handling, user authentication and other needs. In addition, it also has a strong support from the management database for managing modularity and scalability of the code package manager.

Laravel its simple, elegant feature won everyone's attention, whether novice or expert, in the development of PHP projects, will be the first time the thought of Laravel. In this article we will discuss why Laravel will become the most successful PHP framework.

Modularity and scalability

Laravel focus on code modularity and scalability. You can find anything you want to add the file contains more than 5500 packages Packalyst directory. Laravel goal is to make you able to find any file you want.

Micro-services and APIs

Lumen is a laravel derived by a focus on streamlined Micro Framework. It is a high-performance program interface allows you to more quickly and easily develop micro-projects. Lumen use minimal configuration incorporates all the important features laravel, you can copy the code into the way laravel project will complete the framework of emigres.

$ App-> get ( '/', function () {
return view ( 'lumen');
$ App-> post ( 'framework / {id}', function ($ framework) {
$ This-> dispatch (newEnergy ($ framework));
HTTP path

Laravel has like Ruby on Rails, fast, and efficient routing system. It allows users to enter the path in the browser way to make all parts of the application associated with it.

HTTP middleware

Route :: get ( '/', function () {
return'Hello World ';
Applications can be protected by the middleware - Middleware handles HTTP requests on the analysis and filtering server. You can install middleware, used to authenticate registered users and to avoid such as cross-site scripting (XSS) or other security issues.

< ? Php
namespaceApp \ Http \ Middleware;
classOldMiddleware {
publicfunction handle ($ request, Closure $ next) {
if ($ request-> input ( 'age') <= 200) {
return redirect ( 'home');
return $ next ($ request);

Your application to obtain a robust caching system, through its adjustment allows the application to load more quickly, which can give your users the best experience.

Cache :: extend ( 'mongo', function ($ app) {
returnCache :: repository (newMongoStore);

Security is essential. Laravel own local user authentication, and you can use the "remember" option to remember the user. It also allows you some additional parameters such as, for example, show whether active users.

if (Auth :: attempt ([ 'email' => $ email, 'password' => $ password, 'active' => 1], $ remember)) {
// The user is being remembered ...
Various integrated

Laravel Cashier meet your every need to develop payment systems require. In addition, it synchronizes and integrates user authentication system. So, you no longer need to worry about how the accounting system which is integrated into the development.

$ User = User :: find (1);
$ User-> subscription ( 'monthly') -> create ($ creditCardToken);
Task Automation

Elixir is a use that allows us to define the task Laravel Gulp program interface, we can use Elixir define streamline CSS and JavaScript preprocessor.

elixir (function (mix) {
mix.browserify ( 'main.js');

A secure application should do the data can be encrypted. Use Laravel, you can enable OpenSSL security encryption algorithm AES-256-CBC to meet all your needs. In addition, all values are encrypted by the detecting whether encryption information is changed codes signed.

useIlluminate \ Contracts \ Encryption \ DecryptException;
try {
$ Decrypted = Crypt :: decrypt ($ encryptedValue);
} Catch (DecryptException $ e) {
Event Processing

Defined application events, recording and listening are very fast. EventServiceProvider listen contains a list of events recorded in your application for all events.

protected $ listen = [
'App \ Events \ PodcastWasPurchased' => [
'App \ Listeners \ EmailPurchaseConfirmation',

In Laravel pagination it is very easy because it can generate a series of links to the current page according to the user's browser.

namespaceApp \ Http \ Controllers;
use DB;
useApp \ Http \ Controllers \ Controller;
classUserControllerextendsController {
publicfunction index () {
$ Users = DB :: table ( 'users') -> paginate (15);
return view ( 'user.index', [ 'users' => $ users]);
Object-relational mapping (ORM)

Laravel layer contains a database of treatment, it is called object-relational mapping Eloquent. Also this also applies to PostgreSQL.

$ Users = User :: where ( 'votes', '>', 100) -> take (10) -> get ();
foreach ($ users as $ user) {
var_dump ($ user-> name);
unit test

Development of unit testing is a lot of time-consuming task, but it is the key to ensuring our application to keep working. Laravel can use PHPUnit to perform unit testing.

useIlluminate \ Foundation \ Testing \ WithoutMiddleware;
useIlluminate \ Foundation \ Testing \ DatabaseTransactions;
classExampleTestextendsTestCase {
publicfunctiontestBasicExample () {
$ This-> visit ( '/') -> see ( 'Laravel 5') -> dontSee ( 'Rails');
Do list

Laravel provides use-do list (to do list) to deal with complex, lengthy selection process in the background. It allows us to deal with some asynchronous processes continue without user navigation.

Queue :: push (newSendEmail ($ message));
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