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  20 open source / commercial Linux server management control panel
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  As a website owner, if there is no control panel, it is difficult to manage multiple sites. However, in order to meet specific requirements, we need a custom hosting solution.

Web Hosting Control Panel is a completely Web-based interface, which you can centrally manage many Web services in one place. These Web-based control panel to manage e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, file management functions, create sub-domains, monitoring disk space, bandwidth, monitor, backup and create more jobs.
Web Hosting Control Panel for Linux novices in the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated server hosting multiple Web sites to provide an ingenious solution. This hosting panel provides an easy to use management software to simplify the process of handling the server, you do not need in-depth understanding of server management.

The best known and most powerful of the two control panel when the number of cPanel and Plesk. Both panels are popular billing software, hosting service provider to install it on a server, a monthly fee. Fortunately, you can also use several other features similar open source control panel, you can download for free.

Now, it may be introduced one by one 20 most popular open source / charge control panel. I have attached screenshots and links each portal site for reference.


cPanel is a Unix-based hosting control panel. Graphical interface can help you very quickly and easily manage Web sites and Web hosting account. Automation tools designed to simplify the process of managing the site.

cPanel allows you via a standard Web browser, and full control over all aspects of site management, in addition to simplify the creation of databases, set up email accounts and manage autoresponders and website files such processes.
cPanel home page: http: //cpanel.com

Plesk is a similar cPanel hosting control panel, which lets you through a Web-based interface to manage hosting accounts. You can use this panel to manage the VPS, shared and dedicated servers. Plesk also allows you to control thousands of virtual hosts in a single machine. The control panel allows you to automatically handle many tasks, which in turn reduced costs and resources. It also improves the profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Create FTP accounts for users.

Create and manage e-mail accounts and MySQL database and PsotgreSQL like.

Add domains and subdomains.

recovery and backup files.

DNS management and other resources.
Pleask Homepage: http: //plesk.com

ISPconfig is an open source multi-language control panel allows you to manage multiple servers in a control panel. ISPConfig uses the BSD license. The control panel is also able to manage the open source FTP, SQL, BIND DNS, databases and virtual servers.


more than one from a server management control panel.

easy-to-use Web interface for administrators, resellers and customers to log in.

manage Apache and Nginx Web server and the like.

mirroring and cluster configuration.

manage e-mail and FTP servers.

and many more features
ISPConfig Homepage: http: //www.ispconfig.org

Ajenti is the only feature-rich, powerful, lightweight open source control panel also provides a response immediately Web interface to manage the mini-server environment, but also best suited to manage dedicated servers and VPS hosting. It comes with many built prefabricated plug-in can be used to configure and manage server software and services, such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, FTP, firewall, file system, scheduled tasks (Cron), Munin, Samba and Squid, and many other programs, such as file Manager, Code Editor and a terminal for developers to access.
Ajenti Homepage: http: //ajenti.org

Ajenti Installation: http: //www.tecmint.com/install-ajenti-a-web-based-control-panel-for-managing-linux-server/


Kloxo one for Red Hat and Cent OS releases free Advanced Web control panel. It has the characteristics of advanced control panel, such as FTP, spam filters, PHP, Perl, CGI and other more. Messaging, backup, restore and trouble ticket systems, built-in templates in kloxo.

It can help end users to manage / run Apache and BIND this combination, and switching interface between these programs, do not lose your data.
Kloxo Homepage: http: //lxcenter.org/software/kloxo

Kloxo Installation: http: //www.tecmint.com/install-kloxo-web-hosting-control-panel-in-centos/


OpenPanel is an open source Web-based control panel, using the GNU General Public License. It has an attractive, easy-to-use interface. It can manage Apache, AWStats, Bind DNS, PureFTPD, Postfix, MySQL database, IPTables firewall and Courier-IMAP e-mail and others.
OpenPanel Homepage: http: //www.cloudvps.com


Zpanel is a free download, easy to use enterprise-class Web hosting control panel, support for Linux, UNIX, MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

Zpanel purely PHP language, runs on Apache, PHP and MySQL. It comes with a set of core functions necessary to run your Web hosting service. Core features include: Apache Web Server, hMailServer, FileZilla Server, MySQL, PHP, Webalizer, RoundCube, phpMyAdmin, phpSysInfo, FTP Jailing and much more.
ZPanel Homepage: http: //www.zpanelcp.com


EHCP (simple hosting control panel) is a free Web hosting software that allows you to maintain Web-based hosting server. If EHCP, you can manage MySQL databases, email accounts, domain accounts, FTP accounts and many more objects.

It is the only built-in support Nginx and PHP-FPM, and Apache completely discarded the control panel, and provides good performance for low-end servers.
EHCP Homepage: http: //www.ehcp.net

EHCP Installation: http: //www.tecmint.com/install-ehcp-easy-hosting-control-panel/


ispCp is a free / open-source project that aims to build a multi-server without any restrictions of the control and management panel. It is based on Linux / Unix server software for Web hosting, professional hosting facilities should have all the features. ispCP alone so that you can manage all the servers, such as domain, email accounts, FTP accounts and database servers.
ispCP Homepage: http: //isp-control.net


VHCS is a Web-based open-source interface control panel for Linux, it is designed for IT professionals and managed service providers design. VHCS with PHP, Perl, and written in C, so that you can fully control the dealers and end users. In a minute you can configure the server to create a domain for the user. You can also manage e-mail, FTP, Apache vhost, statistics and many more objects.
VHCS Homepage: http: //www.vhcs.net

Ravencore is designed for simple Linux hosting panels, designed to get rid of like Cpanel and Plesk these expensive commercial software. Use GUI written in PHP, the back-end written in Perl and Bash. It also includes MySQL, Apache, phpMyAdmin, Postfix and Awstats other projects.
RavenCore Homepage: http: //sourceforge.net/projects/ravencore/


Virtulamin is the most popular Web-based hosting control panel for Linux and Unix. The system is specifically designed to work with a user-friendly interface, management of Apache virtual hosts, MySQL database, BIND DNS domains, use Sendmail or Postfix mailboxes and entire servers.
Virtualmin Homepage: http: //www.virtualmin.com


WebMin is a super practical, super large Web hosting control panel. The software tool is designed in a simple way to manage Unix and Linux platforms. WebMin is powerful enough to manage the various parts of a Web-based environment, from a Web server set up to maintain FTP and e-mail servers, and so forth.


configure and create virtual servers on Apache.

Manage, install or remove software packages (RPM format).

For security, you can set up a firewall.

modify DNS settings, IP address and routing configuration.

management database tables and fields on MySQL.
Webmin home page: http: //www.webmin.com

WebMin Installation: http: //www.tecmint.com/install-webmin-web-based-system-administration-tool-for-rhel-centos-fedora/


Domain Technology Control (DTC) is a GPL Web hosting control panel, designed to manage hosting services and accountancy. With this Web GUI control panel, DTC can delegate many tasks, such as creating e-mail, FTP accounts, subdomains, databases and more objects. It manages the MySQL database contains all the information hosting.
DTC Homepage: http: //www.gplhost.com/software-dtc.html


DirectAdmin is an open source Web hosting control panel that provides a graphical management interface, you can manage unlimited websites, email accounts, etc., task automation, which means DirectAdmin can automatically manage your tasks, you can quickly and easily set up and administration Web site.


Create and manage e-mail accounts, manage databases.

Create FTP accounts for users.

management Home extensions, DNS, and view statistics.

built-in file management upload manager.

setting error page and directory password protection.
DirectAdmin Homepage: http: //www.directadmin.com


InterWorx is a Linux server management system and Web hosting control panel. InterWorx there is a set of tools that allows administrators to control their servers users, end users can view the site run before. This control panel is essentially divided into two modes of operation.

Nodeworx: Nodeworx is an administrator mode, you can help manage the server.

SiteWorx: SiteWorx view is a website owner, you can help end users manage hosting accounts and features.
InterWorx Homepage: http: //www.interworx.com


Froxlor is an open source lightweight server management control panel can be used to manage personal VPS, dedicated or shared hosting platform. It can replace these famous like cPanel or Webmin software, which provides the same function as a simplified server management.
Froxlor homepage: https: //froxlor.org


BlueOnyx is an open source Linux distribution based on CentOS 5.8, CentOS 6.3 and / or Scientific Linux 6.3. It aims to provide a turnkey Web hosting server equipment.

This Web-based tool that comes with hosting a GUI interface that allows you to manage e-mail and Web hosting FTP client. BlueOnyx used by the Sun changes BSD licenses issued.
BlueOnyx Homepage: http: //www.blueonyx.it


ISPmanager is a commercial Web hosting control panel, excellent balance between features and price. It has two versions: Starter Edition, can be used to manage their VPS and dedicated servers; Business Edition can be used to provide shared hosting and reseller hosting.

ISPmanager has all the advanced features panels typically have. In its help, you can administer the site, create a domain user database and many more objects.

The panel has 18 years of history, is now in Russia / CIS, one of the most popular control panel, many other countries are obtained wide popularity rapidly.
ISPmanager homepage: https: //www.ispsystem.com/software/ispmanager-en

20.Vesta CP

Vesta CP is another open source Web control panel, which comes with a wealth of features, from a simple and clean interface to manage and configure your Linux system.

VestaCP currently supports RHEL / CentOS 7/6/5, Ubuntu 15.10-12.04 and Debian 8/7/6.
VestaCP homepage: https: //vestacp.com

These are the 20 best open source / commercial control panel, I am according to their popularity comes from the Internet to collect. You can choose from this list are best suited to the environment that one can also tell us what you use the control panel to manage Linux servers, if you know some other tools not mentioned in this article, please leave a message exchange.
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