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  After reloading the cinder-volume OpenStack not start properly
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Description: cinder-volume service fails to start

CAUSE: heavy cinder component when a dependency problem, in accordance with the OpenStack documentation to install cinder components when installed a component called: iscsitarget, Target service Ubuntu on there is another package called tgt, can complete the iscsitarget function, time to re-install the cinder-volume, tgt components are installed on the results of the 3260 occupation of the port iscsitarget components, resulting iscsitarget can not start, thus cinder-volume service can not start properly.

You can use the lsof command to view the port situation, such as: lsof -i: 3260


First, uninstall iscsitarget components and dependent components, reinstall cinder components, it will be replaced by one of the iscsitarget tgt, such as

apt-get install cinder-api cinder-scheduler cinder-volume open-iscsi tgt

The second step, modify /etc/cinder/cinder.conf documents such as:

rootwrap_config = / etc / cinder / rootwrap.conf
sql_connection = mysql: // cinderUser: cinderPass@
api_paste_confg = /etc/cinder/api-paste.ini
iscsi_helper = tgtadm
volume_name_template = volume-% s
volume_group = cinder-volumes
verbose = True
auth_strategy = keystone
state_path = / var / lib / cinder
volumes_dir = / var / lib / cinder / volumes

The third step is to restart all services cinder

cd /etc/init.d/; for i in $ (ls cinder- *); do sudo service $ i restart; done

problem solved.

Note: If at this cinder-volume service still fails to start, check to see if there iscsitarget the process takes, and check whether port 3260 is occupied.
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