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  Apache site default home page settings
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Apache's default home page is index.html, when we need to change the page file or to increase the page file can increase the configuration statements in the httpd.conf file.

Home default configuration file httpd.conf statement is as follows:

< IfModule dir_module>

     DirectoryIndex index.html

< / IfModule>

If we need to increase the page file xxx.htm, you can increase his party statement DirectoryIndex xxx.htm at DirectoryIndex index.html, priority from top to bottom.

For example, I need to add index.htm, defaul.htm, index.php file, configuration statements to be replaced:

< IfModule dir_module>

     DirectoryIndex index.html

   DirectoryIndex index.htm

   DirectoryIndex default.htm

   DirectoryIndex index.php

< / IfModule>

After saving changes, to take effect you need to restart Apache.
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