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  CentOS7 installation configuration
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  CentOS 7 installation and configuration




First, yum installation

Yum -y install nfs-utils rpcbind

Nfs configuration file / etc / expots

The default is empty

Vi / etc / exports

/ Opt / test / (rw, no_root_squash, no_all_squash, sync, anonuid = 501, anongid = 501)

Second, make the configuration effective

Exportfs -r

Note: The configuration file description:

/ Opt / test is the shared directory can be a network segment, an IP, it can be a domain name, domain names, such as support: * .qq.com

Rw: read-write, can read and write;

Ro: read-only, read-only;

Sync: the file is written to the hard disk and memory;

Async: file temporarily stored in memory, rather than directly into memory;

No_root_squash: NFS client to connect to the server if the use of the root, then the server to share the directory, it also has root privileges. It is obviously not safe to turn on this.

Root_squash: NFS client to connect to the server if the use of root, then the server to share the directory, with anonymous user privileges, usually he will use nobody or nfsnobody identity;

All_squash: regardless of the NFS client to connect the server to use when the user, the server share directory is to have anonymous user privileges;

Anonuid: Anonymous user's UID value, can be set here.

Anongid: GID value of the anonymous user.

Third, start nfs

Service rpcbind start

Service nfs start

Chkconfig rpcbind on

Chkconfig nfs on

Fourth, the client mount:

Showmount -e # View can be mounted

Export list for

/ Opt / test

The client mounts

Mount -t nfs

Silent is both successful

Client encountered in the loading of a problem is as follows, the network may be less stable, NFS default is to use UDP protocol, replaced by TCP protocol can be:

Mount -t nfs -o proto = tcp -o nolock
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