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  Docker build private warehouse
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1.Docker pull registry # official website pull a repository mirror

2.docker run -d -p 5000: 5000 registry # port casually own definition, usually with 5000.

Mirroring By default, the warehouse will be stored in the container / tmp / registry directory, so if the container is removed, stored in a container will be lost, so under normal circumstances we will specify a local directory is mounted to the container under inside / tmp / registry, as follows:

docker run -d -p 5000: 5000 -v / opt / data / registry: / tmp / registry registry

In the browser and enter http: // IP: 5000 will return the correct information

3.docker pull Ubuntu: 12.04 to download a test image file

NOTE: You can modify this mirrors for their business needs to re-commit or write Dockfile

4. Rename

 docker tag ubuntu: 12.04

This step is very important and must contain ip: port is

5. Upload

 docker push

6. casually looking for a testing machine to pull this image

docekr pull

important hint:

Warehouse 1.3.X versions later default https upload, modify configuration files.

vim / etc / default / docker add red mark section, restart docker
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