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  Eclipse-ee Tomcat browser can not start Tomcat, and Web project service deployment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Ubuntu 14.04 + Eclipse-ee + Tomcat7


When creating a server in Eclipse, select the Tomcat7, Server runtime to choose when installing the Tomcat directory itself. Then start Server, ConsoleTomcat which can be activated normally in the eclipse, and in the browser visit http: // localhost: 8080 / can not access, and reported 404 errors. Also, Web projects in Eclipse can not be accessed. If tomcat installation directory manually activated startup.bat, by visiting htt: // localhost: 8080 / tomcat can properly access the management page.

Cause Analysis:

 Since the Server Locations option takes the default configuration, that is, "Use workspace metadata (does not modify tomcat installation)", this means that the server will not change the TOMCAT installation and deployment directory, Eclipse comes with TOMCAT configuration directory.Therefore in the Eclipse start tomcat Web project will not be deployed, and can not be accessed.


1. Stop the Tomcat Server in Eclipse

2. Remove the items deployed in the Server

Right-click "Server Tomcat 7" (my server name is Server Tomcat 7), select "clean"

4. Open "Server Tomcat 7", in the "Server Locations" option, select "Use Tomcat Installation"

5. In the Eclipse start "Server Tomcat 7", can be verified successfully.
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