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  Enterprise Hadoop cluster architecture - DNS installation
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Enterprise Hadoop cluster architecture - DNS installed

1. Configure IP

vi / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eno16777736

systemctl restart network.service

ip -4 addr


vi / etc / hostname

ddd the following line:


Install DNS Packages

yum -y install bind bind-utils bind-chroot

rpm -qa | grep '^ bind'

Modify /etc/named.conf

listen-on port 53 {any;}; # the original to any

allow-query {any;}; # the original localhost to any

Modify named.rfc1912.zones

Add into the next content :( can also write directly in /etc/named.conf)

zone "hadoop.com" IN {

type master;

file "named.hadoop.com";

allow-update {none;};


zone '1.168.192.in-addr.arpa "IN {

type master;

file "named.192.168.1.zone";

allow-update {none;};


Forward configuration file parsing

cp named.localhost named.hadoop.com

Then add the following to the file named.hadoop.com

$ TTL 1D

@ IN SOA dns.hadoop.com. Grid.dns.hadoop.com. (

0; serial

1D; refresh

1H; retry

1W; expire

3H); minimum

NS dns.hadoop.com.

dns.hadoop.com. IN A

h1.hadoop.com. IN A

h2.hadoop.com. IN A

h3.hadoop.com. IN A

h4.hadoop.com. IN A

h5.hadoop.com. IN A

h6.hadoop.com. IN A

h7.hadoop.com. IN A

h8.hadoop.com. IN A

Configure reverse lookup file

cp named.localhost named.192.168.1.zone

And add the following:

$ TTL 1D

@ IN SOA dns.hadoop.com. Grid.dns.hadoop.com (

0; serial

1D; refresh

1H; retry

1W; expire

3H); minimum

NS dns.hadoop.com.

231 IN PTR h1.hadoop.com.

232 IN PTR h2.hadoop.com.

233 IN PTR h3.hadoop.com.

234 IN PTR h4.hadoop.com.

235 IN PTR h5.hadoop.com.

236 IN PTR h6.hadoop.com.

237 IN PTR h7.hadoop.com.

238 IN PTR h8.hadoop.com.

View Log

tail -30 / var / log / messages | grep named

Adding DNS server IP resolve

(Machine's IP configuration file which each node is added DNS1 =

Start DNS

# Start DNS

systemctl start named.service

# Set from the start

systemctl start named.service

# View the DNS status

systemctl status named.service
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