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  Hadoop2.4.0 Eclipse plug-in making
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Stumbled two days loading Hadoop2.4.0 environment today can finally try to write a program, and thought for a moment, the right way, but one thing is certain, and that is the need to use eclipse, a morning check information, how to speak We have, finally lock this post, hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin. Github want to download, but in the end failed to download, there is a right of the page Download ZIP, with the download was successful. Below is say my whole production process it:

Want to import into eclipse in the making, but do not bother even if, under win7 64 Wei, JDK1.6, ANT1.8 environment for command line to run directly after the import into the
Yihuhuhuapiao, set the directory and hadoop directory eclipse, in no case modify any files directly run
D: SDK hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master src contrib eclipse-plugin > ant jar -Dversion = 2.4.0 -Declipse.home = D: WorkTools MyEclipse10 Common -Dhadoop.home = D: SDK hadoop-2.4.0

In the ivy-resolve-common place cards for about 138 minutes, the final build fails to see why there are two, one is not found 4 dependent packages, one can not find a core package
These are dependent on the package, it might be to change the path:

The core package is commons-lang-2.5.jar
Thought for a moment, think that four dependencies seem useless, he wanted to skip that step, step directly compile widget will modify the "hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master src contrib eclipse-plugin build .xml "file
removed depends

Core package to hadoop2.4 directory to find, discover hadoop2.4 use commons-lang-2.6.jar, then find the corresponding position in the build.xml to 2.6, this needs to be said that the author might be lazy and use the copy file is a variable in the configuration information directly using 2.5, not uniform, variable configuration information "hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master ivy libraries.properties" file, search for "commons-lang.version" the corresponding version to 2.6, well, run the command line ant, success at "hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master build contrib eclipse-plugin" generate widget
Holding excited with myeclipse10 plug in again failed (plugin simply does not appear), with eclipse3.7 in test failure (plug-in can occur, but it does not work, not new location)
Holding ready-2.2 plugin can be used normally
Later, after investigation and the reasons is because the plug-in myeclipse10 put the wrong place, not directly into the plugin Lane; eclipse3.7 plug-in failed because missing package
How to troubleshoot it? See the eclipse startup log, the log .log file in the workplace in .metadata files in eclipse3.7 reported in error can not initialize hadoop, very depressed, not much help, so he's on the official website to download the eclilpse the latest version of eclipse4.3.2, statements to the ant
D: SDK hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master src contrib eclipse-plugin> ant jar -Dversion = 2.4.0 -Declipse.home = D: WorkTools eclipse4.3.2 -Dhadoop.home = D: SDK hadoop-2.4.0

Yes, instead of to eclipse4.3.2 eclipse directory (this configuration is primarily aimed at generating jar package eclipse plugin provides support), after generation plug into eclipse4.3.2 of plugins in to start eclipse and observation log, an exception is thrown

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org / apache / commons / collections / map / UnmodifiableMap

yes ~ toss and more than two hours, I finally caught up, to find this package in build.xml add on, do not forget to also add the configuration information is the lowermost file attribute, if you want to later convenience, the version number can also be in the form of variable libraries.properties maintained after buttoned, rerun the ant
Finally the line, at myeclipse10 also be used normally (so create a folder MyEclipse 10 dropins hadoop eclipse plugins, the plugin to throw this folder on the line below)