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  How to set up FTP server on Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In this tutorial, I will describe how to set up your own FTP server. First, however, we should be learning about FTP is.

What FTP is?

FTP is a file transfer protocol (File Transfer Protocol) acronym. As the name suggests, FTP is used to transfer files between computers over the network. You can FTP file transfer between computer accounts, you can also transfer files or access the online software archives between accounts and desktop computer. However, it should be noted that most of the FTP site usage is very high, you may need to connect the multiple reconnect.

FTP address and HTTP address (ie, web page address) is very similar, but FTP address using the ftp: // prefix instead of http: //

What FTP server?

Typically, the computer has FTP address is dedicated to receive an FTP connection requests. A computer dedicated to receiving an FTP connection request is the FTP server or FTP site.

Now, let's begin a special adventure, we will set up an FTP service for family and friends for file sharing. In this tutorial, we will vsftpd as ftp service.

VSFTPD is claimed to be the most secure FTP server software. In fact the first two letters of VSFTPD "very safe (very secure)". Construction of bypassing the FTP protocol vulnerabilities in the software.

However, you should know that there is a more secure method of file management and transfer, such as: SFTP (using OpenSSH). FTP protocol for sharing of non-sensitive data is very useful and reliable.

Use rpm to install VSFTPD:

You can use the following command line interface, quick installation VSFTPD:

dnf -y install vsftpd
Use deb installation VSFTPD:

You can use the following command line interface, quick installation VSFTPD:

sudoapt-get install vsftpd
Installation VSFTPD in Arch in:

You can use the following command line interface, quick installation VSFTPD:

sudo pacman -S vsftpd
Configuring the FTP service

Most VSFTPD configuration items are /etc/vsftpd.conf profile. The file itself has very good documentation, so, in this section, I highlight some important options you might be modified. Using the man page to view all the options and basic documentation are available:

man vsftpd.conf
Depending on the filesystem hierarchy standard, FTP to share files by default in / srv / ftp directory.

Allow Upload:

To allow ftp user can modify the contents of the file system, such as uploading files, "write_enable" flag must be set to YES.

write_enable = YES
Allow local (system) user login:

In order to allow the file / etc / passwd users can log recorded ftp service, "local_enable" tag must be set to YES.

local_enable = YES
Anonymous User Login

The following configuration content control whether to allow anonymous user login:

# Allow anonymous user login
anonymous_enable = YES
# Anonymous login without a password (optional)
no_anon_password = YES
# Anonymous login maximum transmission rate, Bytes / second (optional)
anon_max_rate = 30000
# Anonymous login directory (optional)
anon_root = / example / directory /
The root of the restriction (Chroot Jail)

(LCTT Annotation: chroot jail is unix-like systems a security mechanism used to modify the process running the root environment, limits the thread is not aware of the existence of its root directory tree other than the directory structure and files see chroot details. jail)

Sometimes we need to set the root (chroot) environment to prevent users from leaving their home (home) directory. In the configuration file to add / modify the following configuration to open the root directory limit (Chroot Jail):

chroot_list_enable = YES
chroot_list_file = / etc / vsftpd.chroot_list
"Chroot_list_file" variable specifies the root directory of the restrictions contained in the file / directory (LCTT translation: Users can access only those files / directories)

Finally, you must restart the ftp service, enter the following at the command line:

sudosystemctl restart vsftpd
So far, your ftp service has been completed and started to build.
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