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  Kibana Apache Password Authentication
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  After installing Kibana can directly access, this is not conducive to safety, then we use Apache's password authentication security configuration

apache configuration file as follows:

< VirtualHost *: 8080>

     DocumentRoot / data / kibana

     ServerName localhost

         ErrorLog "/data/kibana/logs/kibana-error.log"

         CustomLog "/data/kibana/logs/kibana-access.log" common

     < Directory "/ data / kibana">

       Options Indexes

     AllowOverride AuthConfig

       AuthType Basic

     AuthName "Authenticated proxy"

       AuthUserFile /data/kibana/.htpasswd

       Require valid-user

       Order allow, deny

       Allow from all

< / Directory>

< / VirtualHost>

AuthUserFile /data/kibana/.htpasswd

This is what we want to store the password file

Next, generate a password

#htpasswd -c /data/kibana/.htpasswd user

#New Password:

# Re-type new password:

#Adding Password for user bidduser

We will give the user a user-generated password

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