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  Laravel 4 Expansion Pack
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Laravel is a very popular and easy to use PHP framework that provides the basis of many tools (such as RESTful routing, built-in ORM, templates, etc.) allows you to quickly create applications. This means you can spend less time to build application templates, giving you more time to write your Web application.

Below we have listed 10 essential Laravel 4 expansion pack, they can introduce a lot of common functionality for your Laravel WEB application, without having to implement your own, which means you do not spend a lot of time in those common section (eg, certification, commissioning, site optimization, etc.). Based on the ranking list Packagist downloads.


1. Laravel Generators

In the preparation of WEB applications, very common thing: to build new models, views, controllers and other modules. Manually create these very tedious work. Use Laravel Generators, you can simplify these operations through a few simple PHP Artisan order to improve productivity.

2. Laravel IDE Helper

Laravel IDE Helper generates a file for your IDE, provide a more accurate completion. This document will be based on your project file to generate, so it is always updated in real time. In addition, you can also use pre-generated helper file, but it is not up to date. This allows you to write programs that reduce the time to review the document.

3. Behat

In simple terms, Behat is a PHP framework conducive to test your laravel application. It allows you to use behavior driven development process Larave application makes writing more simple behavioral tests. If you want to follow the pattern and you BDD to develop higher efficiency in this mode, this will be very useful.

4. Ardent

Ardent provides intelligent self-verification model Laravel built Eloquent ORM. In a more readily understandable way, it is that it allows you to define validation rules in the model, rather than in the view. This will make the file smaller view, long validation rules are written to the model, you can simply define the model without having to worry about the view extensive validation.

5. Laravel Debug Bar

Laravel Debug Bar makes debugging more simple, so you no longer need to use your code var_dump (). This makes debugging faster and easier, to make you more efficient.

6. Confide

In most applications, there will be some basic authentication, such as register, login, logout, reset the password and so on. The process of writing the code takes time, and if not pay attention may also lead to security problems. Use Confide, you do not need to write any code can get all these basic authentication. It saves you more time to write applications.

7. Entrust

The second important feature WEB application is role-based access control. Typically, you make a specific role of the user to use a feature. Examples that many applications have "administrator" and "ordinary users." Entrust so you do not need to write RBAC system, you need to do is to define some roles, depending on their route and then filtered.

8. Former

All application forms are very common. If your application for any type of user interaction, which usually use the form. However, the last maintain them will be painful. Former such definitions in PHP form more easily, and use your common CSS framework (Bootstrap or Foundation) to render them. This allows you to maintain a form more easily and efficiently.

9. Laravel HTML Minify

The easiest way is to reduce page size compressed HTML source code. Laravel HTML Minify let you add a program except for the external provider does not require anything else, you can get up to 18% compression ratio. A small amount of work you can get a significant performance boost.

10. Laravel Administrator

Demand management interface almost any web application. Basic management interface is usually very simple, but it is an additional repetitive work. Laravel Administrator expansion pack provides you with a simple background management system that allows you to focus more on the development of WEB applications instead of background management functions.

More Expansion Pack

Laravel is rich expansion pack to help you perform almost any function you want to achieve. We can not put all the expansion packs are sorted out, however, here is a list of some very useful.

In short, you can almost always find a expansion pack you can solve current problems. Therefore, before writing code to do some research, because it may be that someone has realized you about ready to solve the problem, which is very useful. We hope to be able to cover most of the useful expansion pack, however, what if we missed, please reply in the comments and let us know.
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