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  Laravel cache paged results
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Improve page speed of a good use of the method is to use Cache. Use and configure Laravel in Cache is quite convenient, reasonable use in the project can get unexpected results (of course, improper use can also cause bad effect).

Problems encountered

So, I wrote the following seemingly very normal code:

$ NewsList = Cache :: remember ( 'newsList'. $ Uuid, $ minutes, function () {
    return News :: with ( 'lastReplyUser', 'user')
        -> Checked ()
        -> RecentReply ()
        -> Paginate (Config :: get ( 'page.newsListSize'));
Results let me refresh the page after the unexpected, given Exception Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed.

Analyse problem

Susu open xdebug debugging, obviously returns Paginator this object. How you will say it can not be serialized Closure?

As the error message, the paginator object has properties are closures, they can not be in the sequence of the time.

In strong xdebug's help, I found the culprit.

Behavior /Path/To/Nidexiangmu/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/View/Engines/EngineResolver.php 30 lines of this method: the specific location of the assignment

public function register ($ engine, Closure $ resolver)
        $ This-> resolvers [$ engine] = $ resolver;
Solve the problem

Casually modify the source code framework, which we are not capable of thing. If so, then come to a Quxianjiuguo it! Unable to paginator cache, it can cache something else.

plan 1

Query cache

$ NewsList = News :: with ( 'lastReplyUser', 'user')
    -> Checked ()
    -> WhereNotIn ( 'id', $ selectedId)
    -> RecentReply ()
    -> Remember ($ minutes) # Note that this line
    -> Paginate (Config :: get ( 'page.newsListSize'));
Scenario 2

Paginator for the need to use the content (items and links) cache

$ NewsList = Cache :: remember ( 'newsList'. $ Uuid, $ minutes, function () {
    $ Data = News :: with ( 'lastReplyUser', 'user')
        -> Checked ()
        -> RecentReply ()
        -> Paginate (Config :: get ( 'page.newsListSize'));

    return [ 'result' => $ data-> getItems (), 'links' => (string) $ data-> links ()];
to sum up

Note that, in Scenario 2 * links () * When this method is called using the cast string, because the returned content is view objects, properties view object has closures, so any time do not try to serialize (including cache the operation of such operations contains the serial number) view objects and view object properties have an array or object (this sentence is good mouthful ah, in fact, exists only view objects do not serialize or cache).
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