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  Linux Samba server-side structures and the use of the client
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  I am just a Linux beginner, in the process of configuring Samba encountered a lot of problems, the online tutorial is not all, so here to write a complete article to facilitate the use of everyone.

1, first delete the software library to find the relevant service procedures to find smb, installation, are generally automatically installed.

2, click on the application -----> system tools -------> terminal, (English: application -------> system ----> terminal), use su sue to root administrator.

[Root @ bogon morningsun] # # # root authority.

3, the smba configuration file to modify, enter cd / etc / samba into the directory, and then locate the configuration file.

4, with vim smb.conf open the configuration file, before you make sure to make a backup of the configuration file, just in case.

5, the configuration file to make the following changes: (This configuration is no need to enter the password, if you need to log on, you can search the Internet, a lot)

Specify location modification: [global]
  Security = share

Add the following at the end of the file:

Path = / var / www / html
Comment = fsd
Public = yes
Writable = yes
Browseable = yes

Path for the shared path, comment to open the content, free, the rest is not easy to understand not one one described.

Then Standalone Server Options under a line of security, changed to security = share

Save the file and exit.

6, back to the terminal, enter the service smb start start the service, and then service smb status check the operating status, no problem to continue.

7, the selinux to modify, generally terminate the service, the operation is as follows:

To view SELinux status:

1, / usr / sbin / sestatus -v ## If the SELinux status parameter is enabled it is turned on

SELinux status: enabled

2, getenforce # # You can also use this command to check

Close SELinux:

1, the temporary closure (without restarting the machine):

Setenforce 0 ## Set SELinux to permissive mode

                              ## setenforce 1 Set SELinux to enforcing mode

2, modify the configuration file need to restart the machine:

Modify the / etc / selinux / config file

Change SELINUX = enforcing to SELINUX = disabled

Restart the machine

8, in the window, ctrl + R open the Run box, enter \\ 192.168. *. * (Here for your virtual machine address, you can use the command: ifconfig view.) Virtual machine directory can be shared, , The entire installation process is complete.
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