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  Nginx log cutting and MySQL script regular backup script
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Most of the diaries of the same cut and backup mechanism: The following script is Nginx cutting diary
# / bin / bash
logpath = '/ home / nginx / log'
nglogs = '/ opt / nginx / logs
mkdir -p $ logpath / $ (date +% Y) / $ (date +% m)
mv   $ nglogs / access.log   $ logpath . / $ (date +% Y) / $ (date +% m) / access $ (date +% Y% m% d) .log
mv   $ nglogs / error.log   $ logpath / $ ( date +% Y) / $ (date +% m) / error. $ (date +% Y% m% d) .log

kill -USR1 'cat /opt/nginx/logs/nginx.pid'
kill -USR 'cat /opt/nginx/logs/nginx.pid'  achieve diary through automatic signal USR nginx switching scheme

periodic backups of MySQL program:!
# / Bin / sh
echo 'start backup db ...'
DM = `date +% a`
if [ -f /opt/backup/xxx.$DM.dmp]; then
    mv /opt/backup/xxx.dmp    mv /opt/backup/xxx.dmp.old 
mysqldump -h ipaddress --password = xxxx > /opt/backup/xxx.dmp
if [$ -eq 0 -a -f / home / smecloud / db_backup / kdrive?. $ DM.dmp.old]; then
    rm /home/smecloud/db_backup/kdrive.$DM.dmp.old
    echo 'backup xxx ok .... '
echo' end backup db ... '

date of the common parameters:
date +% Y Year
date +% m month
date +% d Day
date +% a week

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