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  Nginx Module Development - get user ip
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Nginx Module Development - get user ip

Core code:

if (r-> headers_in.x_real_ip! = NULL) {
         ngx_log_error (NGX_LOG_ERR, r-> connection-> log, 0, "% V", & r-> headers_in.x_real_ip-> value);
     } Else {
         sockaddr_in * sin = (sockaddr_in *) (r-> connection-> sockaddr);
         ngx_log_error (NGX_LOG_ERR, r-> connection-> log, 0, "% s", inet_ntoa (sin-> sin_addr));
Code testing so that

Code means: If Header has x-real-ip, it is treated as ip, ip otherwise get from the socket, there simply will be printed to the error log ip Lane

Where r is ngx_http_request_t pointer know nginx module to develop basic data structures will know this, if you do not know, please do understand separately

Tucao: I spent a morning time looking nginx module How to obtain ip, seemingly not much information on the Internet, just google a buddy said to go in the socket connection to get, a ready-made package nginx could not function?
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