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  OpenNMS separate database
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  1. Detach the database
OpenNMS 1.1 configuration file
1. We need to modify the data source datasource in OpenNMS, when OpenNMS in the following directory:


2. Modify the localhost IP address to the host database

< Jdbc-data-source name = "opennms"

                    database-name = "opennms"

                    class-name = "org.postgresql.Driver" url = "jdbc: postgresql: // database host IP: 5432 / opennms"

                    user-name = "opennms"

                    password = "opennms" />

1.2 Installing PostgreSQL database
1. Install PostgreSql database

yum install postgresql postgresql-server command, the system automatically download postgreSQL installed.

2. First start PostgreSQL

As root, run the command:

/ Sbin / service postgresql start

3. If you see an error, you must initialize PostgreSQL, run the following command:

/ Sbin / service postgresql initdb

 / Sbin / service postgresql start

4. to ensure that PostgreSQL will start after the reboot, use "chkconfig" Command to start at boot time, run the following command:

/ Sbin / chkconfig postgresql on

1.2.1 configuration allows the user access to the database
1. Locate /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf content:

ident-> trust

2. Locate the following modifications /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf

listen_addresses = '*'

#port = 5432 to remove the "#"

3. After modifying, you need to restart the database, run as root:

/ Sbin / service postgresql restart

1.3 Test
PostgreSql test database on a separate host OpenNMS host

1. Log OpenNMS host putty

2. Run psql -h database host IP -U opennms -d opennms

3. Check the database

Run \ l

To view the user

Run \ du

drop out

Run \ q

Test described above can successfully connect separate databases on the host OpenNMS

1.4 sql statement executed on the client:

1. In the / opt / opennms / etc directory

Upon completion of the implementation of the restart OpenNMS
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