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  Oracle Enterprise Linux 64-bit install apache-tomcat-7.0.53 step
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Test environment: VMware Workstation v9.0.2 software installed Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8 64-bit virtual machine

Install the software: jdk-7u40-linux-x64.rpm + apache-tomcat-7.0.53.tar.gz

Installation Instructions: Download jdk-7u40-linux-x64.rpm and apache-tomcat-7.0.53.tar.gz to Linux virtual machine / u02 directory from the official website

Installation steps: Open the VMware virtual machine, using the root user login Linux virtual machine, into the system, point the desktop right click and select Open Terminal, execute the following command.

First, install the JDK

rpm -ivh /u02/jdk-7u40-linux-x64.rpm

java -version

cd /

Second, install Tomcat

rm -rf / usr / tomcat7
cd / usr
cd /

tar zxvf /u02/apache-tomcat-7.0.53.tar.gz

cd /root/apache-tomcat-7.0.53
cd /
mv apache-tomcat-7.0.53 / usr / tomcat7

cd / usr / tomcat7
chmod + x / usr / tomcat7

Third, set the environment variable

Execute vim / etc / profile command, add the environment variable code is as follows

#jdk config
export JAVA_HOME = / usr / java / jdk1.7.0_40
export CALSSPATH = $ JAVA_HOME / lib /*.*
#tomcat config
export TOMCAT_HOME = / usr / tomcat7
export CATALINA_HOME = / usr / tomcat7
#path config
export PATH = $ PATH: $ JAVA_HOME / bin: $ TOMCAT_HOME / bin

Instruction source / etc / profile refresh environment variables

Fourth, start Tomcat

sh /usr/tomcat7/bin/startup.sh

Open the URL http in Firefox browser: // localhost: 8080 test

Close Tomcat command sh /usr/tomcat7/bin/shutdown.sh

V. deleted Tomcat installation test directory

rm -rf / usr / tomcat7
cd / usr
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